By Corey Hinde – Director of Business Growth

Do the following each week – or adapt and use something similar.

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Do the following tasks each week.

Check your Google My Business / Google Business Profile. Ensure you have replied to all reviews, posted using “posts” tab, and checked for any messages in “messages”.

Check the most important data point. This might be email sign ups, website traffic, Facebook engagement. Whatever your single most important data point is, check it often.

Send an email to your list. This could be updates, offers, news. If not weekly emailing, aim for at least fortnightly.

Referral offer. Somehow, get a referral offer out to your clients. Some tangible benefit they will get by referring someone to your business. At the very least, this should be monthly.

Checked and posted on all social media accounts. Check for any messages, comments, requests etc. Check data. What can you learn?

Followed up old leads. Any emails, messages etc, that reached out previously, are likely more ready to purchase now than they were before.

Check data on any paid campaigns. Ask paid campaign manager, “how can we improve on this even if just slightly?”

Write / prepare a blog post. Your website needs new information and more content. Even if it’s a small article, you can come back when you have more time and expand. Get in the habit of preparing written, or video, content for your business.

Email all of last week’s customers. Ask for feedback and Google reviews. If you are unsure of HOW to start with email marketing, please read this article on our blog:

Book in thinking time. Think about – how can I collaborate to extend my brand reach – how can I improve my business so more people talk – how can I reach more people?

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