You are pumped, this is your time, your business is ready to break through!

One small problem…

Budget = ZERO

Hey, don’t feel bad, I get it, I’ve been there myself.  Today, I talk to small business owners often in that exact scenario.

That’s fine.  

Doesn’t matter… content marketing, relationship building, generating referrals…. there are plenty of things you can do for free…

Let’s get into the 13 FREE Ways to build your business right now:

1:  ASK your best customers for referrals.  Don’t ask everyone, just your top customers.  The ones who pay on time, spend lots with you, and are generally a joy to work with.  Don’t leave it to chance though, give them a good incentive or gift for doing so.  

2:  Go to where your customers are online.  Find out what groups they are in, what organisations they follow, which celebs they follow, and get there.  Be in the right places so that your ideal customers are familiar with you.  If your name rings a bell, that’s good.

3:  Free publicity.  Be the go to guy or gal in your industry.  Talk to your local media providers about how you can help with expert opinions or thoughts on topical issues.  

4:  Create a BLOG and add useful articles at least weekly.  Make them good – a great article is going to pitch you as an expert in your space.  People will find good quality articles loaded with the right keywords.  Plan out your content, and build it well.  This is something The Good Oil can help you with.

5:  Build a Facebook Group for your business.  Get busy in there adding value to your customers.  Use it as a place to communicate, explain, and generally keep your customers in the loop about how to use your business.  Potential customers will find this group.  If your group is really good… Facebook will promote it to people for you… Facebook LOVES groups at the moment…

6:  Add interesting articles to your Facebook Page.  Again, your ideal clients will find this content and know more about how your business will help solve their problems.  You don’t have to write the articles, you might curate which means find content online, and add your expert comments to that article.  This is a very effective way to show your expert knowledge off.

7:  Build your Twitter presence.  Some countries are bigger on Twitter than others, but it’s worth doing anyway as you can directly communicate with big players in your industry that you might not get to communicate with otherwise.  

8:  Build your Linkedin presence.  Similar to above, it’s about adding value to a particular business area in this case.  Get known in your industry, add some comments and articles.  It’s useful.  It’s free.

NOTE – get up to speed with LinkedIn here >>>

9:  Create explainer videos about your business or product, and put them on Facebook and Youtube.  “How To” videos are wildly successful on YouTube, how can you use this to your advantage?  YouTube is essentially a giant search engine, feed it!

10:  Get on a Radio Show.  Much like PR – Radio shows or podcasts are a great way to get your name out there and create some free traffic for your website.  Many savvy marketers use podcasts at the moment… both hosting their own and getting on other podcasts as guests. 

11:  Create an Email Newsletter.  This is actually my favourite on this whole list.  Email has a return on investment like nothing else.  Highly targeted people, with an open rate of over 30% if you are good, that EXCITES me as a marketer!  It really does.  Short, punchy emails that add value to your customer, and are able to be shared with other ideal customers…. It’s exciting stuff!

12:  Join online networking groups – purely as a way to practice your elevator pitch.  Get really good at explaining your business and the value you add very quickly.  Does a 10 year old understand your business and value proposition?  I’m part of a few groups, and they are super handy.

13:  Don’t forget your email signature block.  How many emails do you send out per week?  Does your signature block have an offer in it?  A tempting deal?  Use it well, you never know where one of your emails will end up.  I like quirky email blocks with tempters like “send this email to a friend, and if they subscribe, you’ll get free wine!”

Talk soon – Corey Hinde – Chief Marketeer

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