Who needs a marketing expert when you can just copy what some other smart people have done?

Don’t overthink this stuff.

Just find someone who has done well.

Adapt what they did as simply as possible for your type of customer. 

Then get out there and do it.

Here is what one smart guy did in Wellington just before Christmas – we’ll throw in some ideas too so you can adapt for your business.

1️⃣ Email all past customers and say hi.

Nothing mind blowing here folks.  

This guy simply went to his CRM (customer relationship management) tool, and fired out a quick email to all clients from 2021.

Really simple.

The email had 3 parts to it:

1️⃣  Hi, thanks for being a customer, and all the best for 2022.  

Okay, a few more words than that but you get the drift.

2️⃣  Here are some things that I think will happen in our industry in 2022.  

Be bold, make some predictions, dare to be wrong! It’ll at least get people thinking, and potentially forwarding your email on to…. Other potential customers!

3️⃣  Oh, here is a $100 credit on your next job with us, you can use it, or give it away, totally up to you.

There is absolutely nothing hard or tricky there folks.

The only hard part is sitting on your bum, and getting it done.

For some reason, that part DOES trip people up.  Baffling, but some people mustn’t want business growth!!

Here are some samples of the framework you could use, from some of the members of my marketing group:

Ross Barnett, Property Accountant with Coombe Smith One50 Group – could easily send out a thank you email to clients, some predictions and reminders for the property market in 2022 (good luck!).

Angus Gordon-Watkins, Tauranga based Electrician with Bay of Plenty Electrical – could let people know that in 2022 the costs of most supplies will be going up, its hard to control that, but to help out, here is a $100 voucher for any work that needs doing in 2022.  Its stunning how many trades businesses NEVER send out follow up emails!

Zack Raei, Wellington Based painting company owner with ZR Decorating – one suggestion would be send out some updates on new products and some samples of the years work, with a small voucher for any new work done. 

Aaron Balsom, Exercise Physiologist with NextStep NZ – could send out information about new technology in the exercise rehab field, and get daring with some free membership offers.  

Daniel Rowley-Anderson, Owner of Building company Anderson Homes Taurangaagain a quick update about the increasing costs of building work, and the longer time frames due to supply chain issues, but to ease that pain, here is a $500 voucher for any new builds you refer.

You get the idea – the MAIN thing here is to reach out and talk to ex customers – because they SHOULD be your best source of new customers!

2️⃣  Reply to all cold leads

This is super easy, and super effective.

You see, the reality of marketing is that most people are in research mode when they first contact you, so are often prime for a follow up.

They just need…. The follow up!

The guy in Wellington we mentioned literally just used this template:

“Hi, are you still interested in {service}”

He got that out to every email enquiry and Facebook message they had received.

Here is the cool part….. 23% of the people then engaged in a conversation with him, of which HALF… yes HALF… ended up becoming customers!!

That’s quite epic in the marketing game.  

Its WORK (this process)- and it WORKS.

Simply find a way to reach back out to your old leads – they could be ready now!

3️⃣  Come up with a great offer – and spread it far and wide

Not really sure if I can help you here.

Except to tell you that this strategy is a total banger.

It works.

Come up with a deal / offer / special… that is so good you feel nervous about it… then set it free….. People will talk, they’ll find friends, they’ll spread the word for you…. 

Don’t worry about the revenue you’ll “lose” with the offer, you’ll likely gain some lifetime customers who’ll help you grow more and more over time.

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