Did you know that there’s only one guaranteed marketing method that gives you the ability to reach your audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

No, no one’s invented telepathy. We’re talking about email marketing.

Email marketing has been around since roughly five minutes after the invention of email itself. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective these days. In fact, email marketing is the fourth most popular marketing method for B2C, after social media and official websites, and the majority of small businesses state that they rely on email marketing both to gather new customers and retain existing ones. Clearly, email isn’t going anywhere!

But just because email has been around for a while, that doesn’t mean that we’ve exhausted all the ways it can be used effectively in marketing. Here are five email marketing hacks that you should definitely give a try this year.


Looking to increase your open rate, your click through rate, or any other method of judging engagement from your readers? Make ‘em laugh!

Humor sells — and it works. Marketing by use of emotions is a key way to engage with your audience, and tickling their funny bone and tapping into their sense of humor is positive reinforcement. Include a funny anecdote, wry humor, witty quote, or other smile-inducing content — but don’t just joke around for the sake of joking around.

If you want to leverage emotion to drive the effectiveness of your email marketing, make sure that your humorous content is based around click-throughs, CTAs, and other forms of engagement.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that this particular hack requires deft handling. More than half of both men and women agree that humor is acceptable in email marketing, but have you ever tried to get a group of people to agree on what’s funny and what isn’t? Make sure your message is clear, and make doubly sure that you know your audience and what will appeal to them.


This may sound like an odd hack, but hear me out: it can be more effective to focus on the negative than the positive in your email headline. Provided, of course, that you offer the solution within the email.

Think of it like this. You’re given two emails to choose from. The first one is titled “Seven Tips For Future Success.” The other is “Seven Things Keeping You From Success Right Now — And How To Fix Them.”

Which one would you open?

It’s common knowledge that the subject line for your email is a big factor in your open rates. Wording that headline in a way that creates urgency and addresses a need — even if it’s a need that your reader didn’t know they had until they saw your email — is a great hack that can boost the effectiveness of your email marketing.


The purpose of email marketing is to drive engagement, usually by means of directing traffic to your official website. But there are other factors within your email design and layout that can impress your message in the minds of your viewers, even if they don’t immediately click through to your site.

Branding is one of those factors. It’s vital that your reader knows very well who the email is coming from. More than just name recognition, though, email marketing is the perfect time to build your brand by making sure the content is on-message and engaging, and include branded visuals, such as your logo design for marketing campaigns.

This may not seem like a “hack” so much as something that should be obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of marketing emails I open that are poorly branded — at times, even to the point of not including the name of the company anywhere within the content. It’s confusing to the reader, and obviously does nothing to drive traffic. To make the most of each and every email, make sure that your branding is on-point.


We all want to provide added value to our audience. It’s how we build our brands. It’s also something that can boost the effectiveness of our email marketing.

When you send out the welcome email to new subscribers, don’t just say, “We’re glad you’re here!” You can show them appreciation by offering a discount or other incentive.

Of course, this will increase your open rate, and contribute to an increased click-through and conversion rate, too. And let’s face it, gifts are a great way to start off a new friendship. Offer your new subscribers a bonus in your first email, and you’re getting off on the right foot.


It’s no surprise to hear that videos are still some of the most popular tools for marketing. But how many brand emails have you received that incorporated videos within the content?

For most of us, the number is somewhere between zero and three or four. This is definitely a hack that is currently underused. But that’s a shame, because statistics show that incorporating videos in your email marketing can boost click-throughs by a whopping 300 percent! If you needed a hack that would provide the most bang for your buck, there it is!

Emails are nothing new, but email marketing continues to evolve as we figure out new ways to reach our audience effectively. Put these five hacks to use in your email marketing this coming year, and see how quickly they can make a difference in your brand growth.

Annabelle Adam

Loves to write, dreams to travel, works to achieve her passions, Annabelle Adam is your freelancer. Whatever your content requirement needs, she has you covered. From digital marketing to creative art, real estate to fashion blogging, she can write it for you with a flair. 


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