Corey Hinde:  G’day Dave great to have met you, and worked on some cool projects with you so far.  You have a fascinating background, can you tell the readers a bit about your background, and what you are working on now with your VeloFit brand?

DL: Hey Corey, thanks for having me on the blog! I’ve tried most things in a professional sense, from technical roles, sales, building houses, commercial photography / film making, marketing & Personal Fitness Coaching. I’ve built & run my own businesses for the past 10 years & it’s been a wild ride. I decided to get into the personal fitness training space, because I genuinely wanted to help people improve their lives & improve their performance on a bike. I created VeloFit as a safe place to train, increase fitness & performance & meet other like minded people. 

CH:  You’ve gone from in person training, to online training for the most part.  What have been some challenges you’ve experienced in this shift?

DL: I sure have. When you only have so many hours in a week to help people, I found I got to a ceiling with the volume of people I could help. Online training allows me to leverage technology at scale to help more people. Challenges I’ve experienced switching to online have been minimal to be fair. The age old challenge of people being ready to change is still present, but I think people are slowly moving towards better health & healthier habits.

CH:  Marketing – I know you’ve done a lot of Facebook Ad work in the past, any key messages you’d share with people about how to use Ads more effectively?

DL: Have a CLEAR message, have a GOOD offer, have a CLEAR action you want people to perform. Target tighter than you think for your audience – think about your best customer, how do you get more of them? What attributes do they have, what do they like, where else do the go? I use this as my secret sauce for my ad targeting.

CH:  How important is creative, versus offer, versus the power of the actual ad dashboard?

DL: They’re all equal I would say. Each piece of the puzzle needs to be in place to speak to your target audience. Always test variations of each aspect of your ads, but do one thing at a time so you can judge what worked vs what didn’t.

CH:  You’ve also helped quite a few business owners with their own Google My Business listings.  What is ONE THING that people could learn from you here?

DL: Post regularly, post tonnes of photos, turn on location services on your phone. Be as active as possible.

CH:  Back to you and your own online world – you’re also passionate about helping Dads get fit.. do you really think that people can achieve health just via an online training option?

DL: I’m totally committed to online training. I’m a dad, I know #dadlife is busy, I want to make it easy for dads to get back in shape & play with their kids, without needing to say “daddy’s too sore/old/buggered to play right now”. I want to see dads lead their kids by example & get in shape, while sharing the journey with their little ones.

CH:  Do you have one central hub, like a Linktree page, where people can find out more about your various things?  You’re a fascinating character!

DL: Here’s the link to my LinkTree – You’ll find my various online products here.

CH:  Thanks Dave.  Full disclosure too people, David is also part of the Good Oil marketing consulting team, which has been great fun for me so far!