Corey Hinde: G’day Ryan and thanks for taking the time to do this.  Gonna start with a hard question…. what’s it like working with family all day long?

Ryan Van De Pas: Not as bad as you may think, we have a good relationship between us all, we can read each other and use that to our advantage.

Plus we can give each other as much stick as possible and still be able to laugh it off, think Christmas lunch every day of the year.

CH:  The Bike Shop game is hyper competitive…. but growing….. are you banking on winning market share or just absorbing some of the new market that’s emerging as ebikes take off and more people look to get out of cars?

RV: Why not both? We like to think we are able to make it more convenient for people to not have to go into town and hunt for a car park for 30 mins by being in our location, as well as we like to be heavily involved in local clubs and create good relationships that way.

The growing market is definitely a bonus. And it helps that Tauranga itself is growing at a rapid rate, so we don’t feel like we are stepping on pre existing bike stores toes. 

CH:  I’ve seen some great marketing pieces from Bike shops around the world, have you guys got a favourite that you’d like to emulate or learn from?

RV: We really like bike stores that interact with their customers. Q&A’s videos etc, admittedly these stores have a massive following, but we would love to get to that level.

We want to create a community, a following, and be regarded as a high level cycling store. There’s not many stores like this, so there’s definitely a gap for it.

Cycling global networks youtube channel isn’t a store but they offer a great service that we would love to do something similar.  

CH:  What about brands like Red Bull – anything you can learn from the extreme marketing stunts that type of edgy brand pulls off?

RV: Hell yea! If I sat down and took the time to see the nitty gritty details of red bulls marketing, there would be so many ideas and theories I could pull from them.

CH:  So we can or can’t expect a local crazy YouTube channel anytime soon where you and your brother compete for craziest MTB stunt in our local area?

RV: Mate, you never know. Same old excuse.

We need to ‘find the time’ to apply these ideas. We are still learning how to balance our work life, training, and family life. But we are however growing in staff and allowing us to free up some of our own time to start cracking into these projects.    

CH: As you probably know, I’m hyper critical of businesses doing the same kind of marketing, and expecting to stand out. 

Have you got any ideas or thoughts on how to break through and get known in front of bigger brands in this great city of Tauranga?

RV: long story short…yes…am I going to give my ideas away right at this very second…no, let’s keep them a surprise.

CH:  Any great lessons you’ve logged so far on small business marketing that you’d like to share with our readers?

RV: oh for sure. Utilise Google!!!!  Biggest search engine. Get your business in there and get it to the top.

Everyone is always on their phones so get your business in front of peoples faces. And utilise someone like yourself and your business. The Good Oil was our first step in the right direction. Its been a great domino effect from there.

CH:  Changing tact – how can countries like NZ support biking more as a way to increased health and fitness, and better traffic management?

RV: We are somewhat on the right track I believe. We are increasing cycle lanes and opportunities to get on our bikes to commute.

I have noticed we are promoting riding and good health a lot more in schools as well.

But there’s still more avenues NZ could look into. Like taking a page out of Scotlands book and subsidising bikes.

After all, nothing is getting cheaper these days. And a little bit of $$ upfront could save $$ in the long run without getting into nitty gritty details. 

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