This is super important stuff.  

More customers, without more web traffic?  Yes please!

But it’s not easy to achieve, not by a long shot.

Here are 7 ways we find that help turn visits to your website into money in your pocket..

As per usual, feel free to contact us and ask for help…

1:  Ensure your value proposition is very clear.

What does your business DO for people?  What do they GET from doing business with you?  Is that abundantly clear?  Can you enhance the clarity around that?  

I’ll often review a website and the “reason” for visiting that site is not clear, or the most obvious focal point.

If you check out the Hotjar example  above, you’ll notice that “what they do” is very clear.  

Is your business value proposition that clear?

2:  Explain your product / service early and clearly.

Once people see your headline or major benefit, you need to quickly explain more about what you do, and how, so they quickly “get it”.

If this was a piece of sales copy – think about our first point above as the headline, and then the explanation as the first paragraph, that links the headline with the body of the story.

For example – I’ve been toying with the idea of a fitness solution for men over 40.

The headline, or benefit statement, would be “Look better in your 40s’, than you did in your 20’s”

That headline would catch attention, and also give people the key benefit – look better in your 40’s than your 20’s.

The next paragraph on my homepage would quickly explain the combination of frequent micro workouts, morning fasting, and slight diet modifications, so people know WHAT the service does, and how.

People probably don’t know what your product does, so help them out, keep it simple, and really clear.

3:  Clearly point out your points of difference.

This is really important.  You will likely have some points of difference to your competition, you need to point that out often. 

Make these points easily scanned too.  People scan down a page quickly now, you don’t have much time….

► Big, clear bullet points, pointing out your key differences.

► Bullet points are a weapon when it comes to selling – you should use them.

Those are some bullet points from the legendary copywriter John Carlton, featured on the great Gary Halberts website.  These 2 men are known as the best copywriters of all time…

The point here is that people will naturally find it easy to read a page with bullet points, and hopefully the examples above can get YOU thinking about how you can use bullets more on your website – remember the goal here is to get more website visitors to take action, and become a customer.

4:  Test your page with the 12 year old website test.

Yes, I’ve talked about this before, because it works, and helps people improve their websites.

In short, you show your website to kids around 12-15 years of age, and ask them:

What does this website do or sell?

What part of the homepage did you mostly look at?

What action or thing do you think the website wants you to do next?

This feedback is invaluable.

Teens are smart, they have grown up on the internet, and they are BRUTALLY honest too…. They’ll tell you exactly what they think.

More detail about the 12 year old test here:

5:  Make your CTA’s clearer, and bigger.

CTA means call to action.

For example buttons on your website like “book a call”, “grab this free ebook”, “reserve your spot now”

The actions we want people to take once they find us.

Once they take these actions, they are step closer to becoming your customer, so these are hyper important.

Website owners often find, when they ask for a website review, that they are asked to clarify, simplify, or enhance their CTA’s.

For example:

Netflix CTA example – “Join free for a month”…. Pretty hard NOT to click that button right?

6:  Remove stuff.

This is one of the easiest steps a website owner can make.  

Find parts of your site that really don’t help, and remove them.  Look at what you found out from the 12 year old website test for guidance, and even use Hotjar recordings too if needed.

Remember – the point of the website is to help people take the next step to being a customer.

7:  Include more social proof.

Testimonials, reviews, client feedback.  The more = the better.  

People trust other people a lot, so be sure to include reviews where you can. 

Grab them from Facebook and Google Business Profile. HERE is a wonderful video about HOW to get more Google Reviews.


Corey Hinde and the team at Good Oil Marketing

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