By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant Tauranga NZ

Linkable Assets / Ultimate Guides / Blog Posts on specific questions

SEO – or “ranking on Google”, should be of great interest to every business owner.

The fact is – everyone uses Google, to find products and services, pretty much every day of the week.

Page 1 of Google gets almost ALL of the web traffic, so trying to get there is a worthwhile activity.

In this article, and the accompanying video, we’ll discuss the idea of “evergreen digital assets” – things that once ON your website, can and should drive free customers to your website and business more or less forever.

What are “Linkable Assets”?

  • Infographics
  • Online Calculators
  • Studies / Research
  • Basic Checklists

These are things on YOUR website, that OTHER people will link back to. They’ll drive traffic to your website and business, as well as further prove your credibility, expertise, and trustworthiness.

The infographic above, from the REINZ, gets a large amount of traffic to their website. People almost wait for the monthly updates, and then link back to their website, helping Google to see the site as an authority, and then rank higher.

Calculators like this one on the Sorted website, have been driving website traffic for years. This calculator in particular is almost the ‘go to’ tool, for all of New Zealand.

What can YOU DO, using these ideas as inspiration?

What is an “Ultimate Guide”?

  • “Things to do in……”
  • “How to……”
  • “The complete guide to……”

Granted, producing an ultimate guide can take a long time.

However – once it’s done, it’s done, and you can add to it, improve etc, for the rest of time.

Just start with a blank Google Doc, and start building out topics.

Find something GREAT that already exists, and build a better version!

Give away LOTS of information.. Google likes that, and your potential clients will learn that YOU are the expert!

Blog Posts

  • This should always be part of your marketing strategy.
  • Create blog posts using the Google “People also ask” info box

Google is TELLING us with these boxes, exact things that people are searching for. Why not create a blog post titled exactly that, and answering that question?

What can YOU build for YOUR website?

You only need 1-2 of these ideas to stick and work, and your business could transform!


Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant Tauranga

Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant Tauranga