Clearly, the world is absolutely pooping its pants over the somewhat poorly named CoronaVirus…..

Otherwise why are we stockpiling all the loo paper?

What has this got to with a marketing blog, from a Digital Marketer in safe old Tauranga New Zealand?

Well… it’s got me thinking.

I’ve been noticing some interesting things this last week, and they sort of all tie together.

I think you’ll agree, there’s going to be blood on the streets, in some way, soon.

Recession – economic meltdown – business closures – I really DO think we are in for a rough ride over the next 6 months regardless – so what are you going to do about it?

I’ve noticed in my time in business, that when this sort of thing happens, the strong survive, the weak die.  I mean that in a business sense of course….

So it’s a great time for you to review things.  

Are we strong?  Are we weak?

For me, I’m mostly interested in your marketing game.

I strongly feel that now is the perfect time to  double down on your marketing efforts – but you have to know what is working, and what is not.  So get deep with your data and your spending…. What can you double down ON, what can you reduce?

Now – this article is a bit of a ramble… but I want to share some interesting observations from myself over the last week or so….

Thing 1

The good old fashioned flyer.

Last night, myself and my far better half sat in bed and actually went through the flyers from our letterbox.

I honestly cannot remember the last time we did that?

Have you noticed how empty your letterbox is compared to a few years ago?

Gets you thinking right?

Do you have physical addresses for clients, prospects, former clients?  Have you mailed something out recently?

Could be an opportunity.

When I see a change in human behaviour… its worth noting.

Thing 2

These are my new headphones… I use them for phone calls, so my hands are free.

So what?

Well… along the lines above… I’ve noticed that many business owners are scared now of getting on the phone, and having a chat.  We still answer the phone when it rings, however we can easily avoid a Facebook post or an email right?

When did you last get on the phone?

I think its a great idea to get back on the phone, talk to clients, see how things are going, and firm up those relationships.  Who knows what will come from that?

Thing 3

My trusty stove top coffee dude…. Reminds me that having coffee with people is a very valid thing, possibly more so as people are trying to “economise” their time.

This week a friend and I spent an hour with 2 business associates, with no fixed agenda, just to further strengthen relationships.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust… never forget that.

Can you somehow get in front of more people in person?

If you pick your tribes you circulate in, this can be a very effective way to further develop your brand and likeability.  Don’t go hard selling, just turn up, listen, and be a good bugger.

Thing 4

Facebook…. Are people leaving?

I’m not sure, but I do see quite a few people using it less.  This week I saw one guy in a group I’m in describe he only uses it for groups that he likes, and that’s it.

He’d installed a news feed blocker, and a few other tools, so that his whole Facebook experience was just groups.

We know from our business, that groups are a huge focal point of Facebook’s strategy in 2020.

Which gets you thinking… are you building your other channels as well?  Eg your email list, your LinkedIn connections, a Facebook group, your traffic to your website, your InstaGram.  

Keep these things in mind….

Get thinking – feel free to talk to us about steps you can take to double down on your marketing now, to avoid the carnage later on.

BOTTOM LINE is this: things are changing, rapidly, right now. Some businesses will adapt and thrive, some will not, and will die. Which camp are you in?


Corey Hinde

Founder – Good Oil Marketing

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