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Email is always a factor in business, people LOVE their email.  When you sign up for a new social network, you use your email address.

When people ditch social networks from their phone, they keep email on their phone.  People check email a LOT.  I’ll often work exclusively on a clients SEO, but I’ll always talk to them about their email as well.

There could be a multitude of reasons why your email isn’t working for your business, YET:

> Not getting past spam filter.  Move away from any spammy words like FREE, or using cheap tricks like re: or fwd:. Any of those old school email opening tricks will see your email end up in the spam box.

> Content is too long. No-one likes this. Keep it to the point, and make sure it’s valuable to your IDEAL client at all times, so they get used to opening it, which further helps you break through spam filters.

> You lack branding. Don’t miss this easy point. Be sure to have a strong logo and similar look to your emails so people recognise them, open them, and ACT on them.

> Too many images. One or two in an email is fine, above that has been shown to decrease clicks when emails have been opened.

> Not MOBILE optimised. Test your emails before sending, because more than half of email now is read on a mobile device. If your email looks weird, it won’t get read, or acted on.

> Personalisation. Using first names for example, or segmenting emails for the type of customer they are, will help out.

> SUBJECT LINE. This is the MOST important point here. Make it interesting, and use curiosity. This governs whether your email is opened or not. Use A/B testing with emails to see how well you go, and use the highest opened email obviously.

> Wrong time of day. When are your clients online? Review your previous emails and see what time worked best. This is quite important.

> Relevance. Another crucial point. Your email has to be highly interesting to your ideal clients.

> Include a call to action – but just ONE. Make it nice and easy to do what you want customers to do. What is the purpose of your marketing? To take an action…. make it easy for readers

> Did you send out a confirmation email? This helps you look professional and trustworthy. Using a supplier like Mailchimp makes this easier.

Do these tips help you?

Get in touch if you need some help with YOUR email marketing…. Corey Hinde

PS – some extra tips on building your business with better email –

invest time in becoming a better writer;

subscribe to come cool emails that are engaging and entertaining,

ask your best clients what they think of your email marketing,

give more epic things away via email (people will want to get on your list)

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