Facebook CheatSheet

By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant Tauranga NZ

Some of these hacks and tips will be familiar to you, some won’t.  

Hopefully you get something handy from this list.  As always, if you need any help, just ask – that’s what our marketing consultancy is here for.

  • When you post on Facebook, you’ll get a blue line list of people who have liked that post or reacted.  Click on that blue link and you’ll have a list of the people who have reacted.  If they haven’t already “liked” your page, a button will appear next to their name, that says “invite”.  Click it.  Around a third to a half of these people will then Like your page.
  • Use the Promote button to boost your best posts.  If you feel a particular post is reaching your ideal client, boost it with some $$.  Only do this once you get some organic feedback, you can never tell what will take off and what won’t.  
  • Use the Adverts Manager.  It’s amazing how many business owners don’t even know what this is!  You’ll be able to tweak audiences, see live data on who is reading your stuff, look back at your previous posts to see what works.  Get in to Adverts Manager and learn all about it.
  • Use your About section to include a link to your page.  Write this section for your clients, ensure you are talking about them and their main reason for using your business.  But ensure you get in there and edit it.
  • Tweak your Cover Photo.  Include a big arrow to your Call to Action button, use a product like Canva to do this, OR PosterMyWall to really step it up. Ensure that your call to action button is the place you drive people.  Are you giving away a lead magnet type of product?  Think about it.  What about producing a high quality video instead?  It’s happening, people are doing it.
  • Use Video AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.  There really is nothing else to say here.  Any of my clients that has started using video has experienced crazy growth.  Just do it.  Once you do some video, you’ll start to learn what topics resonate with your ideal clients, and you’ll also get better at presenting.  It’s a win win. 
  • Post 1 or 2 times per day.  More is often not helpful.  Having said that, watch your numbers, and see what happens.  Different businesses have different ideal clients, and your people might be different.  Always review your posts and see what is working, and what is now.  There is no PERFECT FORMULA – it’s part science and part art.  
  • Be conversational –talk to YOUR customers.  Write as if you are having a phone chat to a really valuable customer.  Keep it readable.  Be super clear about what you want them to do next as well.  Share?  Like? Join our VIP list?

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  • Target Locations and Language for your posts.  Yep, for FREE.  Go into Settings >>> General >>> Targeting and Privacy for Posts.  Click on the Globe icon and you can play around with who will get your organic posts, which will help improve engagement.
  • Test different components, and run it as an ad.  Test images, words, call to action.  Run the ad a few times at different times of day.  The more testing you do, the better your results will be in the long term.  Be brave and run tests!
  • Use Lookalike audiences.  Say for example your clients are primarily in New Zealand, and they are mostly mums at the local school.  You could run an ad targeting that exact audience using Adverts Manager.  You can even target your actual competition if you like.  A bit sneaky, but hey….
  • Tag other brands or businesses in your posts.  Just be sure you have a reason for doing it, but if done well, you’ll both benefit and gain some extra exposure.  
  • Run CONTESTS!!  Facebook people love freebies, so run contests.  Showcase your stuff, build your page, and then see if you can get the page followers onto your email list (which I like to call a VIP list) so you can sell to them afterwards.  Running consistent contests is always a winner.
  • Use hashtags to piggyback on current hot topics.  It works, do your homework and see if there are some relevant hashtags you should be using.
  • Use Dark Posts.  Yep sounds sinister and is beyond the scope of this checklist, but this is a good strategy.  Do some homework on it.  
  • Get Reviews.  These are powerful marketing tools.  Tip – allow Check Ins on your page so people can check in, this will then prompt them the next day to write a review.  All of their friends will then see that review.  
  • Prepare checklist giveaways (like this one) and simply ask people to Like the page if they liked the resource.  
  • Use your page to comment on other similar pages, add value but be sure to write with intrigue so people want to see what your page is about.
  • Ensure you have a Facebook Like box on your website, and a link in your email signature.  Every like counts!
  • Get your timing right.  Study your top clients, think about when they are on Facebook, and ensure that your posts go out at those times.  This is crucial.  
  • Pay attention to what’s going on with your posts – when you find a winning formula, do more of that.  Is it video that’s working for you?  Checklists? Blog articles?

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