You have probably seen the recent announcements about killing off business pages and pushing more of your great aunts flower photos…

Don’t worry too much about it, this trend has been developing for quite some time, Facebook have just formally announced what we kind of already knew, and hopefully your business page is thriving because you put out great stuff, your clients interact with your page, and you are adding amazing value to the world anyway!!

There are some things that you can do to help yourself and your business page….

ONE Messenger and Groups are thriving still, in terms of overall usage, so make sure your business is using this to your advantage.

Be ON messenger as a way to communicate with clients and prospects, and also be sure to develop a strong Facebook Group for clients (and prospects if it helps them become clients / customers).

Get into your Facebook Group as often as possible, and add value in as many ways as you can.  This will enhance the age old “know, like, and trust” that always drives business growth.  

TWO – “see first” option.  

This is a great step to take.  When you are on a page, you’ll see the “following” button, if you are following that page. If you click on that, you’ll see 3 options, “see first”, “default”, and “unfollow”.

Default and Unfollow are not what you want.  You want clients and prospects to tick the “SEE FIRST” option so that your content actually goes through to their news feed.

I strongly advise you to get as many friends, highly engaged customers, anyone really, to tick that box.  Because it’s a manual process, it sends a strong message to the Facebook algorithm that people value your page, and it’s content, and they want to see it in their news feed.

I can’t emphasize this point enough actually….. Tick the “SEE FIRST” option.

THREE – run a short video campaign, targeted specifically at people who ALREADY follow your page, to instruct them on how to do the above point.  It’s not hard to do, but it’s a manual process, and helping a few people to do it will pay off big time for your business.  

Run the video, then boost it to your current page followers, with as much money as you can afford, because if you don’t do it, those people might never see your content in their newsfeed ever again!

FOUR – review your page insights right now.  Click the “insights” tab, and have a good hunt around to see which posts reached the most people, which posts got shares and likes, and get a general idea about your content that resonates with your customers, and which content does not.

This step really is marketing 101.  Do more of what works, and less of what is not working.  As a marketer, this is something that is essential.  

FIVE – when you post content, aim for it to get comments.  You can’t ask directly for comments, as Facebook frowns upon that, but put out content that is likely to elicit comments, and then make sure you respond to those comments to get a discussion started.  Once Facebook can see you are getting interaction, they’ll push that content into the newsfeed.

SIX Quality Content!  Up your game on what you put out.  You should prioritise video as much as possible, and Facebook Live is still getting the best rewards right now, but generally speaking think long and hard about your IDEAL CUSTOMER, and what you can put out that will help them and get them engaged on your page.  

Success leaves clues so again look through your insights to see what’s worked before, look at your competitors pages to see what is working for them, ask your clients what else they need help with, and give it to them.  If your content is good, Facebook will know pretty quickly.

SEVEN –  move heaven and earth to get potential customers on your email list.  You’ll always have far more control over your email list than your Facebook page, and you can get far higher returns from email (open rates, sell through rates etc) than what you’ll get from Facebook, or any other social media platform for that matter.

Right now is the time to up the ante on what you give away for an email address.  Product seller?  Give away a free gift or voucher, run more contests, do the work.  Service provider? Give away more free information and useful resources, offer free initial consultations, partner up with another provider and get new leads onto each others lists…

Now is the time to get that Facebook follower, onto your email list.  

Build in the value that you offer, give more information and value away, get the content spot on so that it appeals, and do the work.

Be consistent.

Post some quality content every day, build a good content calendar, and do the work to supply that quality content.

Even WITH the new changes to Facebook, it’s still a great way to build your business!

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Corey Hinde

PS – I shot this video yesterday on Facebook that covers off some of this stuff, watch it HERE

Facebook Video re algorithm changes

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