If I had ZERO budget, and wanted to do something that impacted on my business, it would be:

Get more reviews.

Google Reviews, and secondly Facebook Recommendations.


  • Peoples trust has been eroded online, so they rely on recommendations from other people more than ever before.

  • Reviews help you win on Google My Business more now than ever before, because the other aspects of posting, images, etc etc, are all evening out, so GMB is looking at reviews as a key ranking factor now than ever before.

  • Engagement – seeking reviews from customers shows that you care, and enhances the chance of them talking positively about you, to other people. This is the real essence of marketing… what OTHER people say about YOUR business.

  • Business improvement – more reviews enhances the chance of someone GIVING you the ideas you need to improve your business, and become the best, so that people naturally come your way anyway.

  • Proof – in my marketing consultancy it’s currently a 100% strike rate… when people get more positive reviews, their business always grows. Isn’t that what we are doing here?

I think we can all agree that when trying to find a business online, a strong review profile greatly enhances our chance of using that business.

If we look at the below search result on Google, I think we’ll agree that the listing in the middle, isn’t going to get any phone calls:


SO – how do we GET reviews?

Unfortuneately, it takes some hard work and persistence. But, once you get into a groove, it gets easy because it’s simply part of how you operate.

At this point… I can divert you to 2 resources that will help:

1) My YouTube video that covers this pretty well in 7 minutes:


2) Our Facebook group, we currently have a challenge going that will be awesome, there really is nothing like a challenge to put a rocket under your bum to take action… here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/digitalmarketingforrookies

Look for this post:


The crux of it really is to design a system to get reviews, and then build in some other helpful things too.

For example there ARE some paid tools that automate this for you. In my opinion, these are totally worth it if you are in a competitive space.

What I’ve usually done for clients is to create an email template, that can be used over and over again.

Goes a bit like this:

Dear Client,

Thanks so much for using us recently – we really hope that you enjoyed your experience with us.

If you DID – we’d deeply appreciate a Google Review – here is the link (you go to your Google My Business listing, and insert the link here).

If not, we’d love an email from you, so we can find out what happened, and how we can improve or satisfy you.

By the way – here is a $50 discount code for you OR a friend to use.

Have a great day!!

You get the idea.

We’ve written around 60 of these over the years for people, and they just WORK.

Then – we also look at our clients email signature block, and remove most of it, and replace it with a short link, using something like bit.ly, so that we can get more reviews that way.

We all use email a lot, so having that link in there is very handy.

What about Facebook Recommendations?

Yep – we suggest you get those too if possible.

Any form of “other people suggesting your business”, is more powerful than YOU suggesting your business.

Have you seen Facebook groups lately? People are quick to suggest someone… any way you can get on that train… get on it!

Make sure you enable your recommendations on your page too.

You SHOULD see a REVIEWS tab:


You can use these reviews from Google, and recommendations from Facebook, as images on your website too, to further demonstrate trust.

The simplicity of getting reviews makes it less sexy than other marketing tasks – however the IMPACT of reviews beats pretty much anything else you can do.

Get stuck in. Do the work. Win in business.

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