By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant

The goal of this training course is to give you some quick take away points, so you can start turning your Google My Business listing into a solid source of new business.  

Google My Business is really easy to use, and a great way to get into Digital Marketing for your own business. 

This is entirely possible; our digital marketing agency has seen some stunning results from small business owners who spend time optimising their Google My Business listings. 

There are 3 videos in this training, and then you have the option of visiting our free Facebook group to ask our team any questions about how these tips apply to your business.

The Facebook group is located here:

The original videos were shot LIVE in our Facebook group, so we are going to use those recordings here, because it’s useful to see what comments were added by members of the group as they applied the lessons or thought about how to use the information for their business.

Video 1 –

Feel free to ask questions in the group mentioned above, or even in the comments on this page.

Video 2 –

Video 3 –

BONUS VIDEO – SEO legend John Romaine and Corey Hinde chat about Google My Business on John’s YouTube channel… Bring The Seo: