There have been some interesting changes recently to the Google My Business platform – as well as some interesting data providing good hints about how to use the platform through the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

Google My Business / Google Business Profile (GBP) expert and commentator Corey Hinde runs through the information below.

Platform Management Changes

We’ve written about this before in this article –

The main points in that article were:

  • GMB isn’t going away, it’s just changed its name to Google Business Profile (GBP).
  • There is going to be more emphasis for business owners to manage their listing directly from Google Maps or Google Search, rather than the what’s now called Google Business Profile Manager.  However, we are not convinced that the change will stick.  Google will always test things, and see what’s working.
  • As always, things are constantly changing as Google looks to build a better product.  Log in constantly, be aware of new small changes, and most of all, keep using the platform to its full capacity.
  • Google Business Profile will continue to grow and give your business more online presence and direct leads if you use it well.  We are now seeing many businesses get more traffic and leads from their Google Business Profile than their actual website, and we think this trend will continue. 

How to get the most out of GBP for the rest of 2021 and into 2022

We are noticing a huge surge of Google search traffic right now, as people gear up for Xmas.

Makes perfect sense – it’s still COVID times, and online shopping hence online search is bigger than ever before.

To ensure your business stands out as much as possible, and has every chance to rank up the top of GBP for your business category, consider the following points:

  • Get Posting – use COVID update option as well – Google is pushing that through.  One of the most important signals / things that Google looks at, is activity.  Is this account being used, updated, and being active?  If it IS, then usually more people see it, and it moves up the rankings.  Check this video for more information: 

  • Update your products and services. Ensure your details are up to date, especially your services, and ensure you have them built out using keywords too.  This video explains more: 

  • Reach out and talk to people, but ask for a review as well.  This video explains a method we use:
  • Review your business hours and other info.  Review every single tab on the left hand side of your GBP manager (GMB profile page), to ensure its correct and up to date.  

We find that when businesses post regularly, get reviews regularly, and keep their listing up to date and correct, they eventually get to the top of their business category, which always means more online presence and phone calls.

Keep on this task, because as important as Google My Business / Google Business Profile has been in 2021, we predict it will drive and direct even MORE business success for local service businesses in 2022.

All questions and comments welcome!

Corey Hinde

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