By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant

By now, you know the power of Google My Business.

BUT – you are busy, and just need to know…

What MUST I do each week to get the most out of this great free tool?

Hopefully, this checklist will become your guiding light.


Check all details and description are correct.

This might be more of a monthly thing to do, but it needs doing.


If anything is inconsistent across your web presence, Google doesn’t like it, and you drop down the rankings. Google, much like humans, doesn’t like to be confused.

Ensure all details are correct, descriptive, and your business description has your keywords in there. What is your Bullseye Phrase? That ONE phrase that you’d most like to win on Google? Is this phrase in all of your posts and content you put out across the world wide webby?

Mistakes we see:  

Wrong phone number

No business description

No category

No hours.  

Log in, check these are correct.


Add some photos. Get clients to add photos as well if possible.

This is useful, as it helps tell more of a story about your business, and build trust amongst potential customers.

What’s more… using this feature shows Google that you are being detailed and thorough, and from what we’ve seen so far, its helping to elevate people into the Magic 3 spots.

Use this feature as often as possible.  Be relevant. Shoot photos of the business from various angles, key staff, products, get as creative as possible.

Google is now using Artificial Intelligence to identify images, so even though you won’t be adding tags and titles to the photos, Google is still taking note of what you are adding, and it’ll help you out if the photos are relevant to your business and ideal customer.

NOTE:  Ensure your photos are geotagged.  This will help Google rank your site as geotagging adds locations to your photos.  Your smartphone will have an option for this. For iphone, its in Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services >> Camera

BONUS POINTS:  Add VIDEO.  Video is still becoming the absolute go to marketing tool, and Google My Business is another place you can add video..


Get Google Reviews.

This single step can move your listing up Google’s algorithm, more than any other move.

Social proof is here to stay.  Simply, the old days of asking a friend about which business to use, is now done online via reviews.

More and more purchasing decisions are made after consultation with social proof or reviews. In fact, it’s quite rare now for people to NOT consult online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

We’ve seen businesses with as little as 1 or even 0 reviews make it to the Magic 3… this means that many businesses are still not aware of how important this step is!

Strike now and get as many good Google Reviews as possible!

There are 2 steps involved in getting reviews.

Step 1 – create a shortcut link for customers to go straight to your review page

Step 2 – reach out and ask for the reviews.

Let’s work through them.

Step 1 – create a review shortcut link for your customers

There is a video link below on how to do this, but here are the steps:

  1. Go to your Google Business listing
  2. Hit the blue link that informs you of how many reviews are currently in place
  3. Click on “write a review”
  4. Copy the complete URL of that page
  5. Paste that URL into and you’ll be given a short link
  6. Copy and keep that URL – this is the URL that you can use to send to customers.

Here is a video of that process..(if you need a hand, just ask inside our group, we can do it for you)

That link, is a bitly link… looks much tidier than a really long URL…

Now that you have the link…. It’s on to step 2…. This is where the magic starts….

Step 2 – reach out and ask for the reviews.

Getting actual reviews now is the mission.  Every single good review you can gather up is gold for your business.  Do the work, get the reviews.


Reply to every review.  

The more active your GMB listing is, the better for your ranking.

Replying is a nice touch, and it builds more brand loyalty, as well as giving the Google brain good indicators that your business is worth elevating higher in search.


Reply to every question.

Similar reasons to above.  

We are noticing more and more activity on the Q and A feature on GMB, so get in there and communicate.  These are real leads and real people.

Same reasons apply… build more brand loyalty, give Google more positive signals about why your site should rank highly.  It’s more or less the same as normal SEO – more positive signals, less negative signals.


Add posts.

Creating relevant content for your brand is a big deal.

We can help you brainstorm ideas in our group, but we also have written a blog post that helps out.  Here is the link to that post:

We suggest that you use this Add Post feature, at least weekly, but preferably every 3-4 days.  

Why not use it as a way to review new products or talk about common problems your customers have?  Get creative…

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