(Corey Hinde here – just an update to this post – some of it you may have seen, but this is a more comprehensive how to guide… enjoy – and you if you need some specific help with this stuff for your business, email me on my secret email address…. [email protected])

Let’s be honest, you have a competitor in business and you really want to beat them….

You know there are easier ways to grow your business, all this tech stuff just seems so wishy washy……

You are desperate for success and are prepared to do the work, but you are confused about the next step…..

I know the frustrations of having a great product or service, and just not quite knowing how to reach that ideal customer over and over again, it’s so annoying!  

Recently I was reading a book by a highly respected business leader in the USA, and he reminded me that often times it’s not ONE big thing that moves your business forwards, its lots of small continual improvements, that over time compound and compound.  What this also does is it gets you into test and measure mode, making improvements and then testing results to see what works and what you should invest more time and money into.

ANYWAY – this guide is all about how to BUILD SOCIAL PROOF.  

This refers to the fact that human beings when faced with a decision, will often do what others are doing.  When confused, we’ll follow the crowd.  That’s why testimonials are so huge in business, and why it’s so important to seek them out.  

Reviews – on both Google and Facebook, are a great way to start – read on and we’ll give you the step by step process for building up a huge stack of reviews that will help you grow your business to the next level….

Step 1

Who.  Past clients who have had a positive experience.  We don’t want negative reviews, we want good reviews!

So – we’ll be using Facebook reviews AND Google reviews.  They are both very important parts of the puzzle.  

Facebook Reviews:  this will help your ideal clients friends find out about you.  If a perfect client (someone who has done business with you, and has had a positive experience) leaves a positive review, it’s highly likely that their friends will also find your product or service ideal as well.  So Facebook reviews are about driving word of mouth.

Google Reviews:  this is similar but is more about helping Google to push your site to the people that are googling your particular product or service.  More Google reviews helps push you up the Google rankings, and helps your business get found by new leads.  

NOTE – here in New Zealand I find many businesses are starting to build up some good Facebook reviews, but have very few or zero Google Reviews.  Not really sure why, so SUPER IMPORTANT to read on…

Both are crucial.

The people we want leaving reviews are:

Past Customers who have had a positive experience with your business.

Action – work through your database and pick out as many customers that you can find who you believe had a positive experience with your business.  Gather their email addresses into a database.

Once you have the email addresses, read on to Step 2

Step 2

Follow these steps in order, and exactly as laid out.  This process will greatly enhance how many Google reviews you get.

  1. Open up a Google browser, and search for your company name
  2. Once found, you’ll see a button that says “write review” – click on that button
  3. Once the review box pops up, you’ll have a hyperlink in the browser bar that is very long, and ends with a 3 and a comma  eg 3,
  4. This next step is crucial.  Copy that whole URL (web address), and add a 5 to it, so it now ends in 3,5.  
  5. Paste that new URL into a new browser, and it will open up a review box for your business, and the 5 star rating will be prefilled for your customer.  This is huge, because they’ll have to manually change that away from 5 stars, which is unlikely to happen.
  6. Now open up https://goo.gl and paste that super long URL in, and you’ll get a shortened, but nicer URL for your clients.

Now that all looks tricky, but it’s not.  Any dramas doing it, try again, most importantly you want to get that review box to open with the 5 start already filled out.  If you can’t get that working, jump onto my Facebook page and ask how – www.facebook.com/goodoilmarketingfuel

You’ve now got a nice short URL to send to clients!  

Keep that URL handy.  We’ll use it in our Client Email at the end.

Step 3

For Facebook, we’ll work through the hacks below.  

PS – watch this Facebook Video HERE about a business that’s nailing their Facebook marketing… this little business I reviewed is just onto it!!

Getting reviews on Facebook is a game changer for your business, so apart from the obvious straight out asking for a review, here are some ideas.

Hack #1 – “Check-In”.  Yep, when you check in at a business, Facebook will usually automatically ask for a review a day or so later.  You don’t have to DO anything.  Facebook will do it for you.

How do you get people to “check in”?

Here are some ideas.

Give out a small voucher or discount if they check in.

Must check in to receive wifi password.

Check in and receive a free gift.

Anything at all will work.  It’s important because that check in goes out via that persons news feed.

Hack #2 – ask via email.  Use your email database to send out a voucher and ask clients to ‘activate’ the voucher by reviewing your business.  You don’t need to worry about the tech behind it, just put it in there and you’ll be surprised at how many people will review your business when given incentive.   

Make sure you respond to every review, this will encourage others to review as well, something in human nature about seeing feedback, and wanting some yourself.  

Step 4

This is our client email step.  We need to reach out to your top clients identified in step 1, and ask for the reviews.  

There are 3 key steps here.

  1. Decide what to give away – we need an incentive.
  2. Write your email subject line.
  3. Write your email body.

Decide what to give away.  Make it something really good.  These reviews are going to help put food on your table.  Get generous and give away something worthwhile.  A substantial voucher, a free gift, some wine!

Write your email subject line.  This has to be intriguing and clear, we want everyone to open this email and take action.   If you are giving away a free voucher, your subject line could just be “John – free voucher inside”.  

Write your email body.  Again, crucial step and we need to keep this short and snappy.  I’d open up with something like “Hi John, thanks again for using us recently.  It would be very helpful if you could help us reach more people just like you, and the best way for that to happen is via Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews.  Please hit the links below, and once done you’ll get your free beer!”

Simple as that.  Paste in your shortened URL from Step 2, and then a link to your Facebook page as well.  

Consider another line, with a super incentive like “all reviews placed this month go in the draw for a mega prize pack…”.  You get the drift.  

SPECIAL BONUS – if you would like your client email reviewed by Corey Hinde, Marketing Consultant – email it to [email protected], that’s my client only email address, that you can have special access to.

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