In my marketing consulting work, I often refer to some people who I admire for their thinking and ability to deliver practical advice.

One of those people is fellow Aussie James Schramko.

Anyone who runs a business the size of his, surfs every day, and seems to work only a few hours a day, MUST be doing something right….

His business website, SuperFast Business, is HERE

His most recent book, which I have personally read and got a lot of benefit from, is HERE

Follow James on Twitter HERE

I really enjoy his content, his thinking, his podcasts, and basically everything he puts out.

What I’m going to do is build up a blog post here, so that when I give people something of his to read or look at, this post can be a central reference point.

We’ll start with this infographic –


Infographic Source

SuperFastBusiness With James Schramko

I’ll add more stuff as we go… it’s all really useful.

Interview with Old School Marketer John Dwyer… this guy is a legend…

Yarn with Dan Norris – also a legend… (I probably put this here for my own reference really…)