If you are like most of my clients, your business Facebook page is hurting right now.

Not as much push through to followers, posts that literally get no reaction –  while using similar ideas and posts that worked only a year ago.

We’ve all heard about the Facebook changes…. they are certainly gaining a foothold and people in business aren’t quite sure what to do about it.

Already though, after been in the trenches with clients this year, 2018, I’ve had some great results and it’s by using a few ideas that I’ve stumbled upon…..

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Onto the tips…


Use your personal profile to escalate page activity.  You’ve probably heard that Facebook is pushing more personal content and more group content.

This is entirely correct based on what I’ve seen so far.

A tactic I’ve been asking clients to use is to comment and interact on their page using their personal Facebook account as much as possible.  It’s working too.  Facebook is viewing this is as personal interaction, not business interaction, and it’s quite simply working.

Ensure you reply to EVERY comment on your posts, and if possible, ask a question so that you spark more personal engagement.


Use page insights to understand more about your followers activity.  Click on your page, click on insights, and if for example you look at “posts” you’ll get a lovely graph of peak activity times of your followers.

This tells you when your page followers, are on Facebook.  Here in New Zealand, 8pm is peak time for every client I have, and it tapers off quickly after 9pm.  9am sees a big surge, and it stays active through the day, probably because people at work have a Facebook tab open or have their phone with them.

Also look at weekend activity.  MOST of my clients actually have more of their followers on Facebook on weekend days than on week days, so be sure to post something on weekends.


More Video.  This is working even more effectively than last year.  Facebook seems determined to win the battle with Google and YouTube for ad dollars, and that means getting Facebook positioned as a video platform.

Summary – do as much video as you can, but don’t link to other sources like YouTube.  Use Facebook Live if possible.

Use it as a form of content marketing.  Talk to customers.  Run through questions you commonly get, talk about a product and it’s benefits, review or talk about research.  Become the person that is the expert, and use the video to grow your own personal brand.

Personal brands are growing this year, business pages are harder to grow.  Use that knowledge.  Do more video.  Become the PR head for your business.


Daily Checklist.  What is this?

I recommend clients build a daily checklist of things that they do for their page.

For example –

> post something each day

> ensure all people who have liked posts, have been invited via the invite button to like the page

> review page insights every day to see what’s working and what’s not

> ensure that you have liked posts on pages you follow, and that they are liking your posts.  Eg if you have a few businesses that help promote each other, this works very well.  Similar to our Good Oil Marketing Helpdesk group, we all get in there each day and like each others posts, it’s very effective.

> run a weekly contest.  Basic, but it works.  How can you then get those new followers onto your email list is the game.

Add things that you know work for your page.  You need to be consistent.  Good marketing is actually work, and needs regular input.


Invite people.  This was mentioned above but it’s the NUMBER ONE thing I see new clients forget to do.

Many people will like a post you have put up, but have not yet liked your page.  When you click on the blue link of people who have liked the post, you’ll get a box pop up.  If the people who have liked your post, have not yet liked your page, you’ll see an “INVITE” button.

Click that button.  It works incredibly well.


Review your strategy.  I strongly suggest you look at your overall strategy with your Facebook marketing.  I still see people going straight for the sale, before building a relationship or demonstrating value.

Facebook is social media.  It rewards the social sell.  This means use content and articles, video etc that get people talking, content that people find valuable, content that demonstrates your expertise.

It takes time.  It does work though, and it’s more cost effective than anything else around right now.  Except probably tip 7…


Get them onto your Email list.  You still need to own your own platform of communication, and that’s email.  Give something epic away, so that you can marketing via email.  The return on investment for email is untouchable.

People check their email multiple times per day.  People still value good email.  People might remove Facebook from their phone for example, but they leave email on there.  When the next social media platform jumps up, you’ll sign up via email.

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Corey Hinde – The Good Oil Chief Marketeer

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