Getting your message to the right people – that’s what marketing is.

When I talk to business owners about their marketing engine we often discuss content marketing.

Blog posts – Facebook Posts – emails – that sort of stuff. 

The business owner will often agree that good content marketing will over time provide a good steady stream of web traffic and inbound leads… great content can do that.

However – we often hit this stumbling block….. “How do I keep coming up with good content to write or talk about?”

Let’s talk through a few ideas that might help you come up with content:

What’s that riddle all about?  It represents hard questions…

Questions that people don’t want to or cannot answer

This is a great place to start.  What type of questions pop up in your business daily?

When people google things related to your business, what is the question they are trying to find an answer to?

Give people some handy information about these questions, show them that you are an expert, the potential customer will trust that you are an expert and build a relationship in that way.

Give away some good answers – tell people way more than you think you should, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

What do you disagree about in your industry?

Be controversial, have a different point of view, journal about your thoughts on something.

Be that commentator who is a bit different, but be sure to show your thinking and point of view in a professional way. 

People like innovation and new ideas.  People follow great thinkers.

Trawl your industry news and updates, provide some different points of view and watch your web traffic and leads grow.


Predict the Future…..

I love this idea. 

What trends can you see emerging?  What new technology is coming?  What will your industry look like in 10 years time?

Talk about it.  Write about it.  Discuss it with clients and or other experts.  Be different.


Break down misconceptions

What are some misconceptions people have about your industry or product? 

What rumours can you dispel or discuss?

Again – this is about you showing your expertise, and building trust with your potential clients at the same time.


Mistakes in your industry

What do you see often that you can discuss?

Are you a computer shop?  Talk about common things that people do wrong that destroys their PC.

Mechanic?  Talk about the most common mistakes people make with car maintenance.

Physio?  Talk about how people take the wrong course of action once they injure themselves..


How To….

These articles, videos, checklists, and blog posts are always winners.

Just teach people how to do stuff in a clear simple way, and your web traffic will grow… FACTOID right there people…..

In short, coming up with content ideas should be easy once you think of a few general topics, and realise that YOU are an expert, and the internet will reward you if you share… and then you’ll get more web traffic…. and if your site is good that will mean more leads….. more business… you get the drift…


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Corey Hinde – Good Oil Marketing

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