By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant Tauranga NZ

  • Why? – We don’t want to waste time, we want to find the right people, with the right intent, and get them coming to our website and business. 
  • Piano buyer in a guitar shop – The Wrong person in your store, can waste time you could spend doing more productive things.  We also want the right people finding our website, and then engaging with our business.  We want to build relationships with the people MOST likely to become GREAT customers. 

Step 1 – Bullseye Phrase

  • You probably know this.  Eg “personal trainer Tauranga”
  • Ask your BEST customers, not just anyone.  You probably know your customers and the things they used to search, but it’s worth asking them.  All of these bits of feedback go onto some paper or a spreadsheet, as you map out potential related phrases to build content around. 
  • Google (“people also ask” + “related searches”).  Google tells you exactly what people are searching for.  Use these boxes to make more notes about what content to build for your website.  Topics and questions you can discuss, that will link back to your main BullsEye phrase. 
  • Add “Keywords Everywhere” chrome extension.  This will give you more ideas and topics.  

Step 2 – Buckets / Topics

  • List related topics
  • List related questions people ask
  • 3-5 of these are usually needed
  • For each bucket or topic, come up with 3-5 key questions or articles you can prepare. 
  • In the image below, the top position, number 1, would be the bullseye phrase.  Layer 2 would be the 3 key topics that people search for around your business, and then the ensuing layers are actual content that you build, to get you ranking on Google. 

Step 3 – Relevance / Volume

  • Run some possible bullseyes through semrush free version
  • Google Trends / Google Keyword Planner
  • What is the volume like?  What is the difficulty like?

Semrush Keyword Magic

Step 4 – Get Busy

  • Start building
  • Start tracking
  • Google Analytics – use the data to help you improve content, double down on the right pages, and even delete the pages not working. 
  • Google Search Console – use this to help you understand more about the searches people are doing, and how people are finding your site. 

Once you KNOW what keywords and phrases are important to your business, the game of SEO really is providing good content, improving that content, and getting other sites  to then link to that content.

This process can go on and on forever, which is a good idea, because there are LOADS of people on Google every minute of every day, looking for answers, and businesses to help them.  

Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant

Corey Hinde and the team at Good Oil Marketing


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