By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant

Yes – this is a true story

No – there wasn’t much “technology” required…

We love a good story of business success… we love it MORE when we can more or less follow the exact same steps to apply to our own businesses!

The funny part of this story is that this plumber isn’t even a client of ours… he just read a bunch of our blog posts, and did it all himself!!

DISCLAIMER – your results may or may not be quite as good as this dude… he was super motivated, and particularly focussed… so if you DO want help, ask us, we can do it for you for a tiny fee… anyway… read on….

Okay – so what did this Plumber actually DO?

There are 3 steps to his success… which you can totally replicate…

ONE – Focus on Google My Business like a dog with a bone!

Mini Step 1 – get the app on your phone:

Looks like this:

Mini Step 2 – take lots of photos using your smartphone, with the location services turned ON, and upload them to your listing.  Include your key phrase for Google, IN the photo description – eg for the guy this story is based on, he would always include “Plumber Tauranga” in his image descriptions.

Mini Step 3 – ask lots of people for Google Reviews, using a variety of reachout methods, then reply to every review.

Over the course of his first month, he had uploaded 20 images, harvested 15 reviews…. Not incredibly hard to get those numbers… he was active on there though.  After around 2-3 weeks, he started getting questions and enquiries via that app…

More information about Google My Business here:

TWO – Post on Facebook, every single day!

Your perfect customers are on Facebook a LOT, so you need to be there every day as well, to even stand a chance at being found.

This plumber posted every day for 30 days in a row, a tactic we outlined in a blog post recently.  

A great mix of posts too… some short videos looking AT interesting things, some short videos talking to Facebook LIVE, some before and after shots, some interesting reviews of new plumbing products… just conversational, interesting stuff, with no direct HIRE ME NOW style of posts.  

After week 1 – he got his first referral directly from Facebook… someone tagged a friend on a post… job booked.  He then paid attention to any comments or questions, and just got talking to them.  

By the time month 2 rolled around, he was getting job bookings via Facebook on average every 3rd day…. That’s well worth the time!

Who would think that an article commenting about another article, would generate a job worth over $900?  Get active on Facebook.. Find a way to post every day…

Learn more about how to use Facebook in our free group here:

THREE – follow up every single past client, with an email….

Here is the nuts and bolts of the email:


Corey the plumber here, hope you are doing well and your new bathroom is keeping you clean and happy!!

Is there anything you need to ask me about maintenance or how to keep it working well?

If you need to ask me anything – just reply to this email – if you are totally happy, I’d really appreciate a Google Review – here is the link to click: INSERT LINK

By the way – I’ve attached a $50 plumbing voucher… you can use it for your next job with me OR you can give it to a friend!


Corey the plumber”

This guy systematically sent out an email like this to every single customer he’d helped before.  

Results?  5 follow up bookings from these clients, and 9 referrals for new clients!!  

Isn’t that cool!!

That is the WHOLE STRATEGY – no LinkedIn, no paid ads, no paid advertising anywhere at all, and no fancy technology!

That’s the story.

Take it on board… and do the same stuff.  It works.

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