It’s a magnetic word…

Let’s get stuck in – here are 18 ways you can generate some attention for your business… free of charge, but some time to invest…

ONE>> Use Brand Ambassadors.  Do you have any well known people using your brand?  Doesn’t have to be ‘famous’ but people well known in your area or with large followings online?

TWO>> Positive Stories.  Tell them!  What’s something uplifting and positive that has come from your business?  Get it on Facebook, Instagram, your blog – the local media might pick it up!

THREE>> Online tools eg a quiz.  Can you build something onto your website that will entertain or help people?

FOUR>> “Behind the Scenes” video.  Most people would probably  be very interested in this type of content.  The mechanic pulling apart an engine, the florist putting together a bouquet, the chef in the kitchen. What can you do?

FIVE>> Run a Contest.  Social media LOVES a contest.  We’ve used them, they quite simply work!

SIX>> Question of the day.  What is something you can discuss on video right now?

SEVEN>> Linkedin Groups.  Get on there.  Use them, join them, participate in them.

EIGHT>> Buddy Up.  What business do you know that has a very similar ideal client, and isn’t in competition with you?  How can you help each other out?

NINE>> Do something good for the community.  Help out, totally to be a good person.  Good things will come your way.

TEN>> Help the local school.  Similar to the above.

ELEVEN>> Have an event.  A client of ours ran an event recently, which was of great interest to his local ideal clients, and got loads of great leads from that.  What can you put on?

TWELVE>> Email.  Do more, add more value to your clients, put out some great offers, send out some vouchers.  Email works!

THIRTEEN>> Podcasting.  Have you considered building a podcast, or being a guest on a podcast?  Plenty of podcasters are after interesting guests.

FOURTEEN>> Blogging.  Add more interesting and useful information to your website blog.  It’s a great way to show your expertise, and also to help get web traffic.

FIFTEEN>> Guest Blogging.  Find a business with similar clients, and write something for their blog.  It’ll help promote your brand as well and drive web traffic your way.

SIXTEEN>> Be the local expert.  Get in touch with your local newspaper and websites, and become the local go to for your topic.  Promoting a brandname around the leader of a business is a great way to promote the business.  Richard Branson anyone??

SEVENTEEN>> Add content to your Google Business Listing.  Check it out.

EIGHTEEN>> Facebook commenting.  You can use your personal Facebook account AND your business account to comment and like on pages that are relevant to your business.

That’s just scratching the surface… there is so much beneficial activity you can do to promote your business.  Get creative, and just think of ways to get in front of your idea client.

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Corey Hinde

The Good Oil Chief Marketeer