How to improve Conversion Rates in 3 steps

Improving your conversion rate should be top of mind for all business owners.

That’s taking more leads (emails, phone calls, people walking in the door), and turning them into customers.

You can DOUBLE your business by doubling your conversion rate, with not a single extra lead.

The aim of this quick blog post is to help any small business owner to achieve this, by undertaking an easy 3 step process aimed at getting more people who visit your website, to become customers.

>> Quick note – usually at The Good Oil we’ll help people to achieve more lead generation, using Google Ads for example

HOWEVER – we certainly notice with most clients, that there are many ways we can improve the conversion rate of lead >> customer.

So.. back to it…

To improve conversion rate, we’ve mapped out this easy 3 step process – there are plenty of other things you can do to improve conversion rates of course, which we’ll cover later, but for now, here are the 3 steps:


Step 1 – install Hotjar on your website

Hotjar is one of a number of products, that will help you understand what people are doing once they visit your website.

This information is very helpful, you can track where the mouse is moving, where they are scrolling to, what pages are being moved past quickly, and much much more.

The things you think people are likely to do… might be entirely incorrect!




Luckily, they have a free trial, with no credit card signup required.

We’d strongly advise you to give this a try, and capture some recordings, to see what people are actually doing once they visit your website.

We find that once a client has played around with what Hotjar offers, they gain a higher level of understanding of what their prospects (people who visit your website) are interested in, and they can use that information to improve the site to make it easier to navigate and the desired actions, more obvious.

Easier nagivation + more obvious desired actions = more people who are the right type of clients, taking the right actions.

Imagine if instead of 50 website visitors out of 1000 becoming customers, 100 did?  What would that do to your business?

Exciting – and worth chasing.



Step 2 – delete stuff

This is also a very effective step to take.

See the Hotjar screen up there?  The most important part of the website, what we call “above the fold” (this means the screen you first see before you scroll down), is clean, not cluttered, and really focussed on what they want you to do.

Why add extra stuff?

The goal of this page is to get you to hit that button, and try it free. 

Clear – simple.

What is on your website, that actually distracts people from the action you want them to take?

Have you built it up so that you look super smart and appear to be the guru… while ignoring the fact that the website is there to get people to take an action?

Are there pages on your site that really have no use?  Delete them.

Are there words and images that don’t really help tell your brand story, or don’t help educate people about the benefits of your service?

I encourage all business owners to look at every single word and image on their site and ask “why is that there?”

What we always notice is this… when people cut back, they get more traffic and more leads, and usually a better conversion rate as well because the people coming to the site, are the right people.



Step 3 – Call to Action

See this  image from our Marketing Club sign up page:

Marketing Club

I’d like to think that our Call to Action (CTA) is pretty clear and obvious.

What is your CTA?

I often see websites where the CTA is not anywhere.

Often I’ll see them below the fold, or buried somewhere really low down on the page.

Is it abundantly clear what your CTA is?

Is it so obviously positioned on your page that you cannot miss it?

It needs to be.

Test your CTA – size, colour, position, words.

Keep testing it.  It’s worth it because this one focal point, CTA optimisation, can help your business grow almost more than any other move you could make!

Now, here is an offer.  If you are ready to try this stuff out for yourself, and you would like our FREE HELP, you can message us via our Facebook page HERE, and we’ll reply.

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