How to make a YouTube Short

YouTube shorts are new, the results look promising, and marketers are looking at ways to use shorts to help push their brand out to new viewers.

We’ve seen some explosive growth in various niches, so of course, we want to test shorts out and see how it can help you!

If you are keen to start using YouTube shorts, follow these 7 steps and you’ll be on your way.

1️⃣ Open YouTube app on Mobile – must shoot “vertical”

(smartphone + YouTube app + vertical filming and under 60 seconds)

Important to note here that those 4 steps are musts.

You must use a smartphone, the YouTube app, shoot vertically (as in, holding the phone upright), and the maximum time length is 60 seconds.

You need to meet all those criteria to qualify as a YouTube Short.

More info from Google and YouTube HERE about the YouTube Shorts terms and conditions.

2️⃣ Tap the “+” at the bottom of the screen

Now you are ready to add content, you’ll see 3 options.

3️⃣ Tap “create a short”

4️⃣ Set timer to 15 or 60 seconds >> hit RED button to record your video

Once you tap that red button – you are recording!

You might need to trial different locations for best light and sound, and be sure to keep the camera still. You might also need to experiment with phone holders for perfect positioning.

Once you are done, tap the button again to stop recording.

5️⃣ Edits are then available

You’ll see options at the bottom such as Sound, Text, and Filters.

These are likely to change over time.

Regardless, this is your opporunity to get your short video just right for your target audience, and also have some fun!

6️⃣ Insert Title

7️⃣ “Upload short”

And off you go!

We also shot a video about YouTube Shorts, here it is – good luck with your YouTube Shorts!

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