Don’t get me wrong… this isn’t about cheating.

Or theft.

It’s about taking what’s already out there, in the public domain, and using it as best you can, to help your clients in the best way possible.

You DO know that your opponents are probably already aware of this stuff and are using it against you right?

Read on, you’ll pick up some handy tips that will help you grow your business, and help more people.

Let’s get into the learning!

Add Pages to watch on your Facebook Page insights

See the image below…..

Using the Add Pages button is a must inside your Facebook page insights.

Here is the process:

Facebook Page >> Insights tab >> Add Pages button

As you can see, you’ll get access to your competition’s total page likes (not really super relevant), growth of the page as a %, posts in the last week, and super importantly, their engagement.

You can learn a lot more about your competition’s page too when you click on their name in the above image, you’ll see their best performing posts of the week as measured by engagement.

Why should you care?

Because you can get ideas, you can learn from their wins and losses, and generally get a feel for what your type of potential customer is responding to.

As you’ll see from the image above, we (The Good Oil) are working harder than our competition as evidenced by number of posts, and total engagement even when compared to some much bigger companies and pages.  

Research your competition, learn, then out work them.  It ain’t rocket science!!

Use the “Info and Ads” tab on competitors Facebook Pages

This tab, available on any Facebook page, will tell you what ads are currently being run by that page.  

Ads, paid boosts, anything with some money behind it.

See below:

Hit that button, and you’ll get loads of handy information.

You might have a competitor who is seemingly gaining Facebook traction at an alarming rate… hit the info and ads button to see what paid traffic they are running, and find out more about how they are doing it.

Look at their image, words, call to action etc.  Learn as much as you can.

What keywords are my competitors using?

This is vital information.  Knowing as much as you can about your competition keyword usage is important.  Are they missing anything?

This is a detailed area to school up on, so I’ll just refer you to the best article around on the topic.  Thanks Shae Baxter for being the professor on this one!

Check out websites, including your own, using Website Grader

This tool is a great way to see how your website stacks up against the opposition.  It’ll give you a score out of 100, looking at performance, security, speed, and mobile readiness.

The URL is here:

And it looks like the image below… as you can see our site stacks up pretty well:

Run competitor sites through

This will give you some great intel about web traffic volume, sources of traffic, keywords, time on site, and much more.  

It’s very worth your while.  

URL is here

Join their Email List

Do it.  Learn about their process, their sequence of automated emails (if they have them set up), what actions they are wanting you to take, any sign up offers or deals.  

A lot to learn by doing this.  

Look at your competitors Website

Sounds simple, but have you lately?

Are they blogging?  Are they using pop-ups for email sign ups?  Have they got any special deals or offers on?  Is there call to action obvious and easy to find?  Is their site well designed and functional from a customer perspective?

There is a LOT to learn by looking at your competitors website.

Check out Google Business Listings

How many reviews do your competitors have?

Are they adding images and blog posts?

Is the information all up to date and relevant?

Whenever we pick up a new Google Ads client, we check their Google Business listing first.  Often, we can drive more traffic to their website than ever before just be spending some time getting their Google Business listing sorted out, and THEN working on the ads.

Research your opposition, learn from their wins AND losses, but keep true to YOUR business mission, and ideal customer.

All of this intel is here to help you deliver the best version of your business possible.

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Thanks for reading,

Corey Hinde

Head of Marketing

The Good Oil