Want to get more people liking your Facebook page?

Yes!  I bet you do.

This short tip is very easy to implement, and does work.  Anyone can do it.

Watch this short video, and follow the steps:

Here are the steps:

ONE – go to your Facebook Page

TWO – go to one of your recent Facebook Posts

THREE – hit the blue line that shows you who has liked your post

FOUR – a box will pop-up, and anyone who hasn’t liked your page but has liked your post, will have a box next to their name that says INVITE

FIVE – work through the list and click on the INVITE box.  That will invite that person to like your page.

Here is a shot of that:

This strategy really does work.  I’d recommend you or someone on your team checks all Facebook posts daily to ensure this is getting done.

We’ve seen significant page growth simply from this one strategy!

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Corey Hinde – Chief Marketeer at The Good Oil…

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