By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant Tauranga NZ

Please don’t send out emails about YOU – make it about your clients – add value….

Everything your company sends out, sends a message.  It’s all marketing, it’s communicating your brand, to your tribe.  Make no mistake about that…. Your tribe wants to hear from you, but they want to hear the right stuff.

I’m now thinking, if I get a crappy email, that if they can’t get that right, what else are they doing poorly…. Should I change to another provider?  I’m serious about that, imagine going into a restaurant and you saw the chef out back in grotty attire, hair all over the place, smoking in the kitchen… you’d be worried about the food safety right?

SO – here are some key points that I’d recommend:

POINT ONE – it’s about THEM not YOU.  

Please keep this in mind at all times.  People will ditch emails about you quicker than you think.  People really want to hear about things that will help them, add value to them, and are interesting to them.  Talk about you and your company’s latest news….boring and dangerous.  I unsubscribe to that sort of stuff very quickly.

POINT TWO – give me VALUE+++

Give me some content that I’ll really see as helpful and useful.  Give me something that I can keep and refer back to, or something that I can do right now and learn from, or benefit from.  Talk to me about one of your products, or one of the common questions you get in your business.  Review some recent media or an article.  Give me value!

POINT THREE – make it something I want to share…

This is key.  You should aim to make every email so good, that your IDEAL clients share it with their friends, who are also hopefully ideal clients…

POINT FOUR – have an offer..

You want ideally to get email readers turning into real customers.  Put some impressive offers in your email, give up something high value, so that they are in, and they become lifelong customers.  This point needs to carefully thought out.  Remember, you do have a cost of acquisition of customers, it’s your total yearly marketing spend divided by your number of new customers, so feel free to spend up to get some clients!

POINT FIVE – get shared readers to sign up

Have a line at the bottom saying something like “did your friend send you this?  Get on the list yourself so you don’t miss any of our awesome offers coming up” and link that whole line to your email list manager so that it’s one click to sign up.

Your email should be something that people really look forward to reading.  It should have intriguing content, it should be entertaining, it should be worthy of being sent to other people!

Some examples of businesses that I personally read every single time they come out:

Freedym by Ryan Lee (Freedym group on Facebook HERE)

Next Draft by Dave Pell

The Hustle

OkDork by Noah Kagen.  Probably more for this blog, which is absolute gold.  (Noah on Twitter HERE)

Blogging from Paradise.  Ryan Biddulph.  This guy is a very entertaining writer, so I always read his stuff. (Ryan on Twitter HERE)

Read these guys content, note that they write FOR their clients / people, they entertain, they write at a level that anyone can read and understand.

Guys, gals, humans.  Put out better email, it will pay off for your business, it truly will.

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