G’day team…

Yesterday was super cool for me…. I got to talk to a whole stack of business people from various walks of life.

We did some training around Facebook and how to reach the right people, some tips and tricks around Facebook, and one area we enjoyed working through was the basics of Facebook page insights.

I have summarised the basics in this 3 minute video… this is like a starting point for you… get in touch if you need more help:

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In short – as a starting point:

ONE>>  locate your “insights” tab at the top of your Facebook page

TWO>> scroll down a little way and find your “engagements“.  This will tell you how many people have clicked a link on your post, liked your post, shared your post, or commented on that post.

Engagements at the moment are the most important metric, so focus on that.  This means that your content is resonating with your page followers.

THREE>>  use the “add pages” button to keep an eye on your competition.  You can see their weekly engagement, how many likers they have etc… you can see which of their posts got the highest engagement, which can help you generate ideas for your own engagement.

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Have a great day!

Corey Hinde

The Good Oil Chief Marketeer