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Keen for a boost for your business?

This is a marketing bootcamp – 3 days (or longer if you want) to more online reach for your business.

Feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this article, to list your business website. This will give you a valuable backlink (helpful for SEO – ranking higher on Google), and allow myself and others to check out your business too.

Let’s get straight into the work.


1:  Nail your pitch

Your pitch is everything…. 

If you have a few seconds to tell someone about your business, what you tell them is EVERYTHING.

It needs to be clear, concise, sell the benefit of what your customer gets, and also be memorable enough for someone to tell someone else what you do!

Use this format if you like:

  • Define the problem quickly 
  • Who has this problem 
  • Describe your solution quickly without too much detail 
  • Leave something memorable behind (eg a point of difference)

This is a framework we work on with clients, however you can do this step anyway you like.  

The goal is this:

Communicate what you do, and what benefit your customers get, very quickly, in a memorable way.

If you Google “great elevator pitches”, you’ll get some ideas.  Feel free to comment below with yours, and we’ll provide feedback.


2:  Establish your “BullsEye Phrase”

This is a crucial step that you need to understand before you move on.

Your bullseye phrase is the most desirable phrase to win on Google, that results in good leads to your business.

Please watch this video, and if you need a hand with establishing your BullsEye Phrase, comment on the video, we’ll reply:

Corey Hinde discusses your BullsEye Phrase


Some examples of BullsEye Phrases with an Elevator Pitch:

Smart Brokers – they do insurance AND mortgages – BullsEye Phrase is “Mortgage Broker” based on customer research, and pitch would be something like “we help Kiwis pay off their mortgage in 10 years or less” which is a very strong point of difference, based on a special process they use.

Coombe Smith One50 Group – property accountants – BullsEye Phrase is “Property Accountant“, and pitch would be “we stop Kiwis with rental and investment properties from paying more tax than they need to“.

Aotea Electric Auckland – Electricians in Auckland – BullsEye Phrase is “Electrician Auckland“, and pitch would be something around commercial property and safe electrical work.

JVFS Insurance – Insurance broker Jan Viljoen – BullsEye Phrase is “Insurance Broker Tauranga“, and pitch could be “we ensure people don’t overpay on insurances”, or something that stands out as different.

Michael Anastasiadis – Mortgage Broker – BullsEye Phrase is “Mortgage Broker NZ“, which is broader than you would think, because he ranks well in Wellington already, and for a pitch, it’s difficult due to massive levels of competition, so Mike does a LOT of work on social media and education via video, so he is top of mind.

ZR Decorating – Wellington painting business – BullsEye Phrase is simply “Wellington Painters”, because that’s what people search. Pitch would be something simple like “we paint Wellington properties so that look amazing”.

Hopefully these samples give you some ideas for yourself?

Feel free to ask direct questions below in the comments….


3:  Audit your Digital Assets

The next step is to USE what you have learned above, and audit your own digital assets.

Digital assets include all things online, that represent your brand.

For example: Your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Google My Business listing, Twitter profile, Instagram profile, YouTube channel, and any other social media accounts you might have.

When you look at your digital assets, ask the following questions:

► Is my BullsEye Phrase obvious across these assets?

► Is my pitch apparent and communicated clearly, obviously, and regularly?

► Can you get a friend or client to look at these digital assets and give you feedback on whether your pitch and bullseye phrase is being communicated?

► Bonus points – conduct our 12 year old website test on your website – the YouTube video is below:

This test will help ensure your website is clear and obviously communicates what you do

We will admit that the test above is SIMPLE. We love simple.

Sometimes, we overthink, over-explain, and simply miss the key points.

Keeping things simple generally helps our business increase it’s reach and growth.


4:  Directories – give Google help finding you

Now that you have your BullsEye Phrase, your pitch, and you’ve looked at your digital assets, we need to give Google some more help to find you, and rank you higher on Google search.

For this, we use the help of directory listings, also called “citations”

These are listings on business directory websites.

We use these because they are a good way to give Google clues about us and what we do.

So – here is the task – and it might take an hour or longer:

Jot the following down on a Google Doc:

  • Business Name, Address, Phone number, contact email address, and website URL.
  • BullsEye Phrase.
  • Pitch OR short spiel about the business.
  • Go to THIS blog post, and start listing YOUR business, on all of the directories listed: https://goodoil.marketing/directories/
  • Ensure that your details, especially the Name, Address, Phone number, website, and contact email address, are exactly the same on all listings.


5: Google My Business fix up

In 2021, ensuring your Google My Business listing ranks well on Google search is crucial to success.

We’ve tested this extensively, and know that when people say they found your business on Google, around 75% of the time now that means Google My Business (GMB) or the Google Map Pack results.

We have a fairly extensive article about how to rank higher on GMB here: https://goodoil.marketing/blog/how-to-get-in-the-google-3-pack/

Since that article was published, we have found a few more key activities, that if done well, can elevate almost any GMB Listing to the top spots reasonably quickly.

We’ve found this NRC process works:

NRC stands for Name, Reviews, and Content.

My research and work has shown me that focussing on those 3, will elevate you faster than anything else…

Let’s break down what I’ve found…


We’ve noticed that having the right name for your Google My Business listing is crucial to ranking high.

For example….


My friend / client Jan is BOOSTING his way up the local Google My Business (GMB) rankings for “Insurance Broker Tauranga”. Jans website is HERE

We know, from experience, that including the bullseye phrase, or most desired phrase to win on Google, IN the GMB name, helps a LOT.

Pretty much any category we look at, the highest ranked listings include the phrase or term we are searching for.


We note that more reviews, is generally a common theme in the top 3, or Google 3 pack, for any category.

Getting reviews should be part of how you do business…. period.

Moreso… it helps people click YOUR listing as well… people love social proof.

I HAMMER my clients about getting more reviews. For one reason only… I know it helps them win, and helps me get paid!


This is really the third part of the trilogy. I know, from loads of experience now, that getting GMB listings done (posts), at least WEEKLY, is a sure bet for helping you to rank higher.

Here are 3 hacks I’ve learned lately that help too:

  • always make the call to action on each post CALL NOW – people read something, and just reach right out.
  • include keywords and related words in every post. Be topical and relevant to what’s going on.
  • latest and last hack…. include links to OTHER high authority websites that are related to your niche.

I promise, that if you work on your name, reviews, and content for YOUR GMB listing, you’ll rank higher and get more business! ALSO – if you need OUR team to run your Google My Business / Google Business Profile for you, CLICK HERE


6: On Page SEO Checklist

For this next step, you’ll again use the BullsEye Phrase and pitch information you worked on earlier.

The goal is to ensure that Google knows who you are, what you do, and who should be finding you, so we want to work through the 13 points in the video below.

There WILL be some aspects of this, that are challenging for you, so please ask questions in the comments of the video – I’ll reply:


On Page SEO checklist with Corey Hinde


7: Get Google Reviews and reach out to past leads

Now – we are keeping this bootcamp short and impactful, so this task won’t take you long…

But generally has a big impact.

There are 2 elements to design and roll out here.

a) A Google review request that works for YOU and

b) A way to go back to old leads, and get them to engage.

Quite frankly – you’ll need to do this yourself, but here are some tips and methods we’ve used with great success for clients:

How to get Google Reviews

We – in our work – constantly seek out Google reviews and social proof because people are simply OVER being let down with online purchases or business deals, and want to know that they can buy with confidence.

Add your Google review seek out process as a standard way of doing business for you. Do that now.

Next step:

Go back to old leads – all of them.

Again – you’ll need to tailor this, but here is a script that you can base this on:

Hi Jimmy, it’s Corey Hinde here, were you still looking for (insert your service here)?

If you are, here is a discount code you can use – (insert something here).

All the best,

This works because usually, people first reach out when they are researching, not ready to actually buy.

Most of your competition are NOT doing this, and people appreciate a short follow up.

We have seen clients book literally tens of thousands of dollars of work, JUST using this method.

Trawl through your emails, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn messages, and anywhere else that people might have reached out to you.

Go for it!


8: Create 5 Content ideas for your brand – and test them.

Now that you know more about words, phrases, and things that your customers want to know about, it’s time to create some content (blog articles, videos, checklists, social media posts).

This helps you to demonstrate expertise, help people, and put things out onto the internet that will help people find you, and trust you.

The task is this:

Watch the following video, come up with 5 content piece ideas, and get them done.

How to create marketing content

These pieces of content could take only minutes each to create, or far longer, it’s up to you.

One great piece of content can entirely alter a businesses future – this task is entirely worth doing.


9: Quadruple Down

This is the final task in the short Marketing Bootcamp.

It’s more of a challenge, with a framework.

It’s simply this:

Find, using data and questions of real customers, your very BEST mechanism, for finding good customers for your business. Survey your best customers.

Put 4 times, yes 4 times, as much effort into that ONE mechanism, and simply stop everything else for 2-4 weeks. See what happens. I challenge you.

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