Nobody in marketing, especially digital marketing, knows everything.

It’s just not possible – it would be like being a pro sports person in 8 sports at once…. 

All marketers follow a bunch of blogs, people, pages etc to help us keep on top of new information, learn things, and help our tribes to develop.

So I thought I’d list a bunch of resources / people / blogs etc to follow. 

Some will help you, some won’t; pick and choose what’s most relevant to you, and where your skills need more development.

Some of the people on this list I personally know and regularly talk to, but I have ZERO financial interests in any of these businesses, this is a genuine list designed to help you out!

Here we go….

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

All the stuff that helps you rank your website.

There are a few that I regularly read and recommend:

Robbie Richards – this guy just knows the stuff….. I suggest you follow his blog, he’s a total pro.  His email list is used sparingly, and it’s always super valuable content.

Brian Dean from Backlinko – I do not know a marketer who’s not a Brian Dean fan.  Enough said.

Jason Acidre from Kaiserthesage – epic posts that are very worth reading.

John Romaine – I’ve recently connected with John on Facebook, and he seems to have quite the epic course, that myself and a team member are likely to invest in.  He’s also a no BS straight talker…. Which the marketing world needs more of.

Content Marketing

the art of inbound marketing…

still to me the magic gold dust of marketing…. Show people that you are an expert, and get them coming to you.  

In fact, the day I read a book on Content Marketing on a flight was the day I decided to go all in with marketing as a career… I simply fell in love.  

Joe Pulizzi – this is the author of the book that changed my career trajectory… here is his site:

Neil Patel – most people would argue that Patel is an SEO guy… which he IS, but I think his ability to produce content that builds his brand is unmatched…. He’s the owner of many marketing brands.  His blog is an absolute wealth of knowledge across the marketing spectrum.

Daniel Daines-Hutt – a personal friend of mine, Daniel is the master of content that drives a specific action.  He recently popped out an epic book on how to create content that drives traffic – and its an amazing book.  Here is his site – and here is the amazon link to his book… again, no financial interest in this at all for me…


A big part of content marketing, and SEO is blogging

The art of writing words, that attract the right people to your digital assets.  Once the domain of only the digital nomad, now part of corporate culture as well, every business can benefit from a blog!

There are a wide range of ways to develop blogging, my suggestion is to read widely, and learn from people most relevant to your business and personality.   Here are bloggers that I follow, for a variety of reasons.

Ryan Biddulph – another personal friend, Ryan is a great example of how to play this game.  He’s unrelenting, he works hard, and provides epic value through words.

Arriana Huffington – generally regarded as the highest earning blog in the world, and a long time player in this market.  Why not learn from the best?

Rand Fishkin – MOZ is a great brand to follow, Rand and the team have made some epic contributions to the digital marketing space.

Brian Clark – copyblogger.  This is a great blog for anyone interested in growing their blogging skills and general content marketing skills.

General Business / Marketing / Interesting Characters

James Schramko – owner of superfast business.  I’m a super fan of James for 3 reasons… 1) he surfs every day  2) he’s got a super cool business and 3) he provides epic, practical content.  You have to follow his podcast too, its awesome.

This is a more general collection of people I often check in on, to see what’s going on. 

Noah Kagen – this guy is on the list because I’ve enjoyed watching his business career, and when he puts out content, its very useful and makes you think.

Jeff Walker – I’d be foolish not to include Jeff.  It seems like half the internet has used his product launch formula…

John Carlton – I simply LOVE learning more about the ancient and valuable art of Copywriting… and I would list a stack of great copywriters but instead I thought I’d list only ONE.. because I think most business owners just need to start learning.

Frank Kern – internet stalwart Frank Kern is probably also best known for his copywriting, but he’s also done well to transform those skills to paid advertising online.

Brad Sugars – my first ever business seminar I attended was with Brad and the action international business coaching group… I was hooked on business from that time on! Brad has some great daily content across most social media platforms… track him down.

Okay I’ll stop there.  I think I’ll revisit this post often, and add to it.

I’ll probably also come back and add their social media accounts to this post, some of them are more prolific on social than their actual blogs… which in itself tells a story about where their website traffic comes from.

Any blogs you follow that you think I should include or check out?

Corey Hinde

Good Oil Marketing

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