By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant

“Website traffic is useless… unless they CONVERT and DO the things you want them to do”…. I heard this statement this week…. I mostly agree… let’s explore….

1) How to improve conversion rates…

Some marketers distill what we do down to this….. Traffic AND Conversion.

Get the traffic to your “thing”, get them to take the right action or “conversion”.

We’ve seen some samples in the last week of great traffic, but not converting. Let’s explore how you might fix that.

Here is my usual high level 4 step approach to reviewing a website or other digital asset, to see if we can improve conversion rates…. (as in, some visits site, then takes the action you want like gets voucher, signs up to email list, or whatever).

1 – Review your message / niche. Take a good look at who your business serves, and the promise your business delivers on. Is that super clear on your website? Ask some friends or associates to review that for you. Most importantly, ensure that your value proposition or key benefit your business provides is clear.

2 – Call to Action. What do you want people to DO once they arrive on your site? Is that really obvious when someone visits your site? Can you make it stand out more?

3 – Delete stuff. Yep, delete stuff. Look at all parts of your website or landing page, and think “does this distract people from the ‘main’ thing we want here?” You probably spend money on ads to get people to your website, ensure they can find the main things, and don’t get distracted by other pages and content that adds no value to your brand.

4 – Consider a landing page. Landing pages are usually used with paid ad campaigns because they are designed purely for one action to occur… “do the thing”. Eg, grab this offer, sign up to this email list. They improve conversion rates dramatically and are common tools for marketers. There are plenty of landing page tools that are not too expensive. If you want help with this stuff, join our Inner Circle.

Interestingly, I found a pretty neat tool this week called Zotabox. Google it. It’s got some cool conversion rate improvement tools. Some people would find them annoying, but they are all proven to work. Exit intent pop ups, that type of thing.

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2) Pick the right testimonials.

This follows on from the conversion rate piece above.

You are probably hyper aware by now about the importance of social proof. Reviews, testimonials etc.

Here are some below:


I’ve specifically picked those 2 testimonials because they are both examples of perfect clients for us.

This helps because when other perfect clients are browsing our services, they will identify with these people, and feel more comfortable about joining our tribe.

How can you apply this to your marketing efforts?

Give it some thought. We usually get clients to do what we have done above; trawl through both Google My Business and Facebook, find some good ones, and use them!

3) Some tools and things you might want to use

One of my favourite all time tools is – so simple, and so effective.

I use it for video production for our courses, short explainer videos for clients, reviews of websites etc, so many applications.

We are also big on Zoom in our business, as well as all the Google tools.

Calendly is something some of my business friends overseas use quite often, to streamline their process for organising meet ups.

Something that we use DAILY, because it’s awesome is Podia.

Podia is the tool we use to sell courses, downloads etc, and we really love it because its easy to use, very low cost, and helps us build our email list as well.

If you are keen to produce courses and online business ventures, we suggest Podia.

Here is my affiliate link, if you do buy it, I’ll get a small commission, so we both win:

Here are some other apps our members listed as being useful in our recent poll in the Digital Marketing for Rookies group:



Canva – (we love this too)






If you are after a good vibrant discussion about these apps, jump into our Digital Marketing for Rookies group and search it up.

4) 10 friend test on your website

In our LevelUp course we detail this more extensively, but the following is pretty much the nuts and bolts of it… it’s another task to help you improve your conversion rates for site…

10 people survey. Find 10 people, and show them your website, Facebook page, and any other digital assets you have. Ask them these questions:

“Who is my business aimed at?”

“What do I DO for people?”

“How do people take the next step to becoming a customer?”

“What words and phrases stand out?”

Let them talk… and listen up…. you’ll be quite interested in the results, and then you’ll have work to do.

5) Viral growth

When a marketer says Viral Growth, it’s like walking into a bar and offering up free cocaine…. people pay attention… for the right or wrong reasons…..

Hmm….should I leave that cocaine reference in… yeah why not….

Anyway…. the idea of viral growth in your business is something super intriguing….

This week, an email newsletter I subscribe to called the Clikk offered up a suite of tools – BUT the only way you could GET IT, was to refer at least 3 people to their list….

You can BET I sent that link around some friends in a real hurry…. and it was totally worth it, the resource I received was totally awesome….

I believe they used a tool called UPVIRAL to generate the link and tracking for that campaign…..

Really impressive piece of work…..

Feel free to talk to us about how YOU can apply that type of thinking to your business…

Okay – that’s it for this week! Stay safe, get busy doing the work, and we’ll talk soon!

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Corey Hinde


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