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Weekly email time…. 7 topics…. 7 minutes – feel free to forward this email to friends.. in fact please do…..

1) Free SEO Tools:

SEO means “how high do I rank on Google” in a nutshell…

It’s really really important…. getting free traffic (people), to arrive on your website, like your stuff, and then take the next step towards becoming a customer, is a great thing.

Getting up the top of Google should be something that all business owners think about, a lot.

Here are some free tools that can help you get a better understanding of why you are or are not ranking well on Google:

ONE >> “Google Search Console” – this is a great starting point. Find it, have a look around, learn more about what is actually happening on your site.

TWO>> “Google Pagespeed Insights” – helps you understand how to make your site load faster. Fast loading sites are required if you want to rank well on Google.

THREE>> “Rankmath” – this is a very handy overall SEO tool for WordPress websites. If you are on WordPress (our preferred website tool), then go to the rankmath site and check out the data you get back and the suggestions too.

FOUR>> “Yoast” for WordPress. This will help your blog articles on WordPress sites be well set up to rank well on Google. We use it for our blog, and it’s very useful.

FIVE>> “Woorank” – this is another general SEO tool that will very quickly audit your website at a basic level, and give you some feedback – starting points to talk to your web developer about.

Once you have an idea about what needs to improve on your website, think deeply about these 3 things:

ONE>> when people arrive on my site, is it clear what I want them to do next?

TWO>> How can I get more websites linking back to my website? (Backlinks)

THREE>> What content can I produce for my website, to show us as experts and help Google to rank us?

2) Ultimate Guide Creation:

This is something we strongly recommend business owners do.

What is it?

An ultimate guide is a resource, that you build, and host on your website, that is so good, that Google AND humans, cannot ignore it.

For example – let’s say you are a BMW mechanic. You would produce a huge guide about how to keep your BMW running well, basic checks you can do yourself etc, so that when people are ready to book in the BMW mechanic, YOU are the obvious choice.

Real Estate agent in New Plymouth? Produce the ultimate guide to buying property in New Plymouth.

Come up with your big idea, then map out 5-10 sub topics, and just start producing the words and images around that.

You can build a good Ultimate Guide within a week. If done well, it’ll bring free Google traffic (humans), to your website forever…..

3) Don’t let competitors steal your customers…

Don’t let competitors steal your customers by running ads on your brand name.

Try searching your brand name in Google and make sure no one is buying ads for the first position on your business name without you knowing.

Brand campaigns in Google Ads are ridiculously cheap.

Google loves ads that are highly relevant with a good click-through rate. Your own ads targeting your brand name can cost as little as a couple cents per click. Allowing you to maintain 1st position without worrying about your customers scrolling past competitors.

Feel free to reach out for some help.

4) YouTube now has “posts” not just videos:

Have you noticed this?

As in, gifs, text, images, and polls… NOT just video content.

Seems to be a play at building YouTube into even more of a social hub for people, and possibly a side attack by Google at the powerhouse of Facebook.

Check it out, probably a very smart way to enhance engagement on your channel if you have one!

5) Some Website tips:

I’ve reviewed some sites this week, and here are some bits of feedback that I think will help you:

  • Reduce clutter on your site. Some sites are so busy that people just get lost, and don’t know where to go.
  • Make your Call to Action SUPER OBVIOUS….do this, grab this, go here… whatever action you want visitors to take, make it clear.
  • Don’t forget CONTACT DETAILS…… I’ve seen a few where there was no phone number, no obvious email address or chat bot etc….. make doing business with you EASY
  • Install, and monitor, Google Analytics. It’s a must.

6) Some GMB tips with David:


Reviews on your Google My Business (GMB) listing are pure gold for your business!

People looking for businesses like yours are comparing the amount of reviews & the rating.

In your GMB home panel, there’s a spot to share your review link – add this to social posts, or into an email newsletter to your database.

Once you receive a review, make sure you respond to it!

Someone has taken the time & effort to write about their experience with you, it’s only fair you respond. Even if the review is bad – thank them for their review & try to make contact with them offline to make it right.

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