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1) You got a bad Google Review? Here is what to do:

This can really suck your soul….but hey, getting a bad Google Review is not the end of the world.

Great social proof can enhance your marketing tenfold, people believe other people, so it’s worth thinking this through.

Here are some tips:

1 – if you think it’s a fake review, or is inappropriate in some way, flag it with Google. Go to your Google My Business dashboard, and click the 3 dots next to the review, you’ll be able to flag it.

It might work, it might not.


2 – try to rectify the situation. Respond, calmly, offering to take ownership and fix the situation. They might accept, and change their review, they might not. You’ll look like a caring business owner in any case.

3 – contact Google using the “contact us” option, and see if you can work with someone. This is more likely to work for fake reviews than disgruntled people, but well worth it.

4 – bury it with 5 star reviews…. if you get a bad one, work hard to get more good reviews to improve your average score. If you go into our Digital Marketing for Rookies group on Facebook, and search “service improvement email”, you’ll find a great tool that will help.

Need a hand ranking higher on Google? Here is our SEO service: https://goodoil.marketing/seoconsultanttauranga/

2) Too many messages to handle? Try this…

This is more of a productivity tip, so you can save time, to do more marketing work!

Doesn’t it annoy you when you miss a message somewhere, then you might try and reply via email even though that was messenger etc etc etc???

So – the thought crossed my mind… an app that pulls ALL of your messages into ONE location….

Turns out it’s a thing!

Check it out – absolutely no money in this for me… just a tip:



3) Business Directories – do they work?

We say yes. Listings on business directories have 2 main benefits:

1 – they give Google a positive signal about your site, therefore helping you rank on Google (your listing might rank higher on Google than your own site, we often see this with LinkedIn profiles)

2 – customers might find you on those directories if they are searching there as an alternative to Google. This does happen!

If you have time, but not much budget, then getting your business listed on the following directories will help your business get more reach and exposure – and possibly help you rank higher on Google as well.

We have a list below of directories we suggest…..when listing you need to ensure your Name, Address, and Phone number are 100% consistent at all times.. this is really important…

Google My Business – we talk about this a lot, I’ll assume you have done this

Yellow.co.nz – still gets lots of traffic in NZ




https://www.nzdirectory.co.nz/ – this directory ranks really well on Google




Apple Maps – https://mapsconnect.apple.com/


4) The AD triad – don’t make this mistake

For an Advertisement to work well, you’ll likely need 3 things working in your favour:

1 – Creative – words, images, video etc that sells the benefit of the thing, and catches the eye

2 – Offer – you’ll then need a great offer that converts… something so good people want to take you up on it.

3 – Technology – to get the offer and creative, in front of the RIGHT people. Eg Facebook Ads, or Google Ads, etc etc.

Generally, people spend way too much time focussing on number 3 (which is probably the thing they are the worst at), and not much time on the first 2. Don’t make that mistake.

There is more to this story to be fair, but to even THINK about running ads, you need to be aware of these 3 areas so you can either a) get stuck in and do it or b) know enough to outsource it well.

In my experience, the OFFER is where most people need to improve.

5) LinkedIn usage in NZ…


We asked this question in our Digital Marketing for Rookies group this week. We were surprised, but also recognise some bias as it’s in our Facebook group, not on LinkedIn.

I personally feel that this will change in the next year as NZ catches up to other countries, and people more or less “figure it out” – people will recognise the value in these “business friendships”, that will help people develop a personal brand.

At the moment, people still see LinkedIn as an online CV, or a place to follow big brands perhaps, rather than a place for personal branding and relationship building.

Just this week I personally asked a simple question on LinkedIn about email providers, which “reached” over 2000 people… I haven’t seen engagement like that on Facebook for some time!

In summary, I think people will over time, figure out how to use LinkedIn, while recognising that it won’t be for all. If I only had 30 minutes per week for marketing though, I’d be there for at least a few minutes!

This article should help you out too.. check it out: https://goodoil.marketing/blog/linkedin-business-success/

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Corey Hinde

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