1) Nothing beats SMS messages for open rates…

Email marketing campaigns, depending on the size of the list, can be called successful at 30-40% open rates… even less….

Messenger (as in, Facebook Messenger), can achieve much higher rates, hence why that option has expanded so aggressively in the last 2 years.

Remember when Facebook page posts would hit 90% or more of your page following? That can be as low as 1% now….

So, SMS text messages – I personally open every single message I get, but I accept that some people are turned off by SMS message marketing.

Here is some feedback from our Digital Marketing for Rookies Group:


Yes, people get annoyed (maybe when they’ve been spammed?), but check out that conversion rate lift of 38% to over 50%!

Couple of points.

1 – as with any marketing that pushes OUT, you’ll need to think about permission. Much like email, you can’t just spam people.

2 – most people we surveyed are small business owners who probably aren’t aware of the software options available for SMS marketing.

3 – SMS marketing is probably at it’s best when used for existing customers to build frequency of sale, and referrals, but also as a follow up method for quotes etc.

We at Good Oil use SMS marketing for a client we have, and it’s proving to be very effective as a point of first contact.

We are also building another system for a client who wants to “smoothe out” the customer flow into their business, so we’ll report back in about that soon.

2) GMB verification – what a mess!!

I think we can all achknowledge that Google has made a right mess of Google My Business verifications right now.

Seems like 3 month waits are not uncommon.

What can you do?

We’ve had clients resubmit.

We’ve had clients use video verification – we’ve seen some success.

What we do recommend is 2 things:

1 – use this link to find out more https://support.google.com/business/community

2 – focus on other parts of your marketing mix – have you been using email for example?

3) Post COVID feedback

We surveyed our group to see how people were going… here are the results:


Really interesting, we expected a lot more “down” and “about the same”, but wonder if people don’t want to report publicly anything negative, because polls on Facebook do reveal who you are.

How are you going? Made any changes? Feel free to reply to this email privately and tell me your story.

4) Business to Business marketing and lead quality

If you are in the business to business game, do you think about the quality of leads you get and how well your leads convert into customers?

I’ll bet you do.

Check out this image we found:


ROI – return on investment – customer lifetime spend – cost per acquisition – return on ad spend (ROAS) – these are all numbers you need to measure and compare from marketing channel to marketing channel.

Funnily enough, as a marketing agency, and this is also the case with other agency owners I know and talk to…. we get lots of enquiry about PPC (paid ads), and Social Media, but very little about SEO, email, or anything else.

We surveyed our group recently, and the vast majority were NOT using email marketing effectively at all… yet look at the graph up there…. that reports that of the people surveyed, Email marketing was MOST OFTEN reported as having the highest ROI.

Worth thinking about right?

5) RePrint – we want Tradies to win in these tough times!

We published this article recently, and want to highlight it again.

If you are a Trades business owner, just READ this, and DO the stuff. Get busy:


Okay – that’s it for this week! Stay safe, get busy doing the work, and we’ll talk soon!

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