7 topics…. 7 minutes – please forward this email to friends..

1) MicroBlogging – what is it?

You know, that page 1 of Google is a great place to be….. whereas page 2 is a graveyard….

So how do you get onto page 1?

It’s a bit of a process, but getting super high quality content onto your website can help a LOT in this regard. You know – articles, videos, resources etc etc.

How do we know WHAT to get onto your website / blog?

We use MicroBlogging….

MicroBlogging is a term we use for small articles, comments, posts across social media, to gauge interest and response, with a view to using those topics for expansion into larger blog posts or resources for your website – to maximise your SEO (how high you rank on Google) potential.

So here is what you do:

1) Write out a large list – just brainstorm – of topics that you might want to write about or create content for.

2) Using social media eg Facebook, or even your email list, product small posts, mini articles, with strong headlines and see what happens when you post it.

3) The articles / posts that get the most comments, are probably the topics and headlines that will help your website the most with regards to appealing to Google’s search algorithm.

4) Pick your best few, and spend time planning much more extensive work on those topics. Google DOES reward good quality content. IF you want to learn HOW to put a blog post together to appeal to Google, look up Brian Dean from Backlinko – he’s the best.

This is marketing at it’s purest. Taking a bunch of ideas, then testing them to see what the actual humans respond to, then improving and building out more.

Eventually, you’ll probably find a topic that can really push your website up the rankings for some key phrases related to your business, so you can spend even MORE time building out the alltime BEST resource on the internet, and get all that juicy free Google traffic as a result – more business for you!

2) Google My Business to monetise?

Rumours around the marketing traps this week…. the BEST ever Google product in our opinion, Google My Business, is ready to monetise…..

What does this mean?

Pay to play!!

Yep – it’s been coming, and we are around 99.99% sure that it’s happening.

Is this good? You betcha!!


For a low monthly fee, you’ll be able to maintain a higher position, get way more features, and dominate your local area! Google My Business is already way more effective than Google Ads for small local businesses, and we think that yep, paying say $50 per month to get an even better listing, will be well worth it. In fact, in our office, we are calling it a no-brainer.

3) Evolution of the business card

We’ve run a survey in our Digital Marketing for Rookies group this week…..

Over 90% of respondants are still carrying business cards with them at all times!

We were genuinely surprised by this!

Here is one we saw:


Cool phone number right?

One of our clients, Annie from Filmonaday is developing a new card with a link straight to a video… sounds super impressive, we think it’s via a QR code or something similar. Can’t wait to see that.

Another member mentioned using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags – that will be interesting to see too…other’s we’ve met just exchange LinkedIn contacts upon meeting.

4) Our suggestion to help with Business Card type communication

If you are keen to ramp up in this area – have you thought about your Email Signature Block and how well designed that is?

Having a really sharp email signature block can help you out not just with professionalism, but also with peoples ability and desire to share your details.

Hubspot has a really cool email signature developer – we use them for ourselves and clients, the links all work, and if you put an emphasis on the critical few details you need, this can help people share your details easily.

Check out the various templates here: https://www.hubspot.com/email-signature-generator

5) Some tips on messaging and writing

In the last week we’ve started our new course, LevelUp.

There are a stack of modules that help people to levelup their internet marketing performance, and the first one is all about your marketing message.

Here are some tips that we’ve found useful after reviewing a lot of sites and marketing assets:

  • Don’t say me or we, say YOU and YOUR as often as possible. It helps you focus on the customer.
  • Don’t talk too much about the features of your “thing”, talk about what the customer will get or receive… talk about the main BENEFIT that people will receive.
  • Know your niche… and ONLY produce marketing materials that will resonate with that niche / person.
  • Nail your MESSAGE and keep it consistent…. what do you DO, who for, and what do they get?
  • Space your writing – keep the language simple and easy to understand.
  • How does your business stand out? Talk about that… don’t compete with everyone else and become the same…..

6) Best sales book of ALL TIME

I was asked recently my thoughts on the best sales book of all time.

My answer is, and always has been, The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes.

I love that book. Sadly Chet is no longer with us, but his amazing daughter Amanda Holmes is and runs the company to this day.

Rather than send you to an amazon link – I found a good blog article for you… enjoy:


7) Facebook Business Page spam inbox!

Did you know these existed? They DO!

Check the images below… head into yours, and ensure you haven’t missed any key messages.


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