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1) This video is now my most viewed training module on YouTube. It’s very useful, because getting more Google Reviews can be the secret sauce that elevates you above your competition. Check out the training video here, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel too.

2) More results from your Facebook Marketing. We recently took the price off this course, so it’s now free. Please enjoy. Feel free to reach out if you need to ask any questions about the content:

3) Google My Business fix up deal… friend and colleague David Lashlie is well known for his ability to turn a normal GMB listing into a lead machine for businesses…. he has a really good, low priced offer on now – he’ll ensure you beat your opposition on GMB – check it out here:

4) CEO Thinking… this article is well worth a quick read. The late, great Chet Holmes, who revolutionised sales training and processes… please read, think, and take action:

5) Want to stand out? Try some of these headline ideas from advertising great John Caples…..

  • Begin your headline with “introducing”
  • start your ad with “Announcing”
  • use “New”
  • use “Now”
  • Begin your headline with “At last….”
  • Put a date into your headline…
  • Write your headline as if it’s a newspaper article
  • Feature price in your headline
  • Showcase a REDUCED price
  • Feature some special merchandise
  • Feature a free offer
  • Feature special payment plans
  • Offer valueable information
  • Tell a compelling story
  • Use a “how to” article
  • Use a “why” headline
  • Try a “who else?” headline
  • “WANTED” as your lead word…..
  • Use a testimonial style headline
  • Use a ONE WORD headline… or TWO WORD…. or THREE WORDs
  • Warn the reader to delay buying….”don’t buy this just yet…”
  • Offer facts and figures as proof that the “thing” is effective

6) How to use Keywords to avoid Google Confusion – this quick training will help you to help Google find YOUR website:

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