By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant

“Massive Facebook changes… people losing their minds…..”


Not sure… let’s explore this and see how it impacts your business

1) Facebook is rolling out significant change


As per usual, it’ll likely to be driven by the obvious stuff:

>> Ad revenue

>> Time on site – as in, how much time the average person is there….

Let’s get some feedback from our Digital Marketing for Rookies Group:


The vast majority of our group members who replied, flat out do not like the new look. Yet.

Bad luck – the change is permanent, and won’t be going back anytime soon, so we have to adapt to it.

People generally do not like big change, that’s part of our DNA. This change is not a slight change, it’s significant enough to be throwing people out of their groove.

Why such big change? It really does look like an entirely new platform!

As mentioned above, any change is usually linked to longer term ad revenue, time on site, and locking in our reliance on this platform, so they will have done some extensive testing on this, because I’ve not seen a platform change so much, in one go, ever.

Interestingly… the mobile version hasn’t changed at all…. so they must be happy with mobile for now, which is where MOST of their ad revenue comes from.

Here are some thoughts on this change, just my personal opinion:

1) The new version is lighter and faster to load, which could be to assist the growth of video as it’s major content driver. We know that a platform MUST compete on video now to be a player in the social media space, so perhaps the old version on desktop was proving clunky and slow.

2) Facebook Groups have been a HUGE area of growth for FB over the last 2 years, and the new version has increased functions for groups. Check the image below:


Some of these functions did exist before but were hard to find, others are new. Eg Growth…. a great metric to follow and want to improve upon over time, getting group owners to focus more in that area.

My take on it…. this is a big step towards monetizing groups… getting them to look and feel more like business pages of old, with insights and metrics that then make the monetization nice and easy.

Business owners who use their group for business growth will be happy about this, as they can start to use the power of Facebook Business Manager (paid ads), to get more ideal people into their groups.

3) Random theory we heard deep in the marketing community…. it’s actually a play to get people OFF desktop, and onto Mobile only… not sure we agree with that… but you never know…..

4) Whatever the reason, we are pretty sure that the changes link to increased ability around Video, and groups….so you need to get used to it, think about how you can use groups for your business, and also think about your video strategy around social media.

We have some skilled videographers inside Digital Marketing for Rookies, feel free to get in there and ask around….

2) Video marketing – no longer optional

As discussed above, social media platforms are always thinking about how they can improve their video experience, so that more people use their platform.

Pretty obvious really, you know that.

BUT – what are you doing about your business and how it uses video?

We mentioned above that our Rookies group in Facebook has some skilled videographers, we’ll likely start a training thread in there so people can upskill and do a better job. Not everyone is a natural on video, it can be scary, but we need to plan a way through that.

We have seen great success on social media from using video, even people who thought their business was boring have proved to us that doing Facebook Lives for example, teaching people something useful, can grow a page and email list better than any other tactic ever…. so it’s well worth investing time into your video.

Where to start?

First – realise that you NEED to use video.

Second – find other businesses on planet earth that are like you, and doing well. What can you learn from them?

Third – start. Take action.

As I write this….. I’ve decided….. I’ll get a video training thread going in Digital Marketing for Rookies, guided by some pros… so watch this space.

I also implore you to check out this new app… Invideo…. it’s really really cool, and for a super low fee can take your videos from meh… to wow…….

(affiliate link – if you do sign up, I’ll get a small commission)

image – take a look – it’s quite amazing and at the moment there is a HUGE 50% off deal going using code “EOM50” – valid for a few more days.

If you do start using Invideo, I’d love to see your work, so I’ll allow anyone who gets using it, to post a video into our Digital Marketing for Rookies group, because I’d love to get YOU inspiring other small business owners to start using video more effectively.

Another pretty cool product we’ve checked out lately is Zubtitle… well worth a look too….

3) How to sell more using your Website

This week in our Marketing Inner Circle, we released a training module designed to help members sell more effectively from their website.

The module wasn’t technical or aimed at rebuilding a website, or even how to rank higher on Google using advanced SEO skills… it was more about the fundamental marketing principles used on your site.

Here is some of the content discussed in the video….

Your Bullseye Phrase.. the term you would MOST like to win on Google… is that prominent on your site? URL – page titles – image titles – headers – in the content.

Likewise for other keywords and phrases related to your business.

Your KEY ACTION that you want website visitors to take when finding your site. Is is obvious and clear? Do you have a key action you want people to take?

Social proof – have you got real testimonials on your website? Are they from A+ clients? This is essential.

Lead Magnets – have you got something people can take away for free from your site? Most people are just shopping around / doing research…. give them something to take away.

Blog – have you got one on your site? It’s a great way to demonstrate expertise and help Google rank your site higher.

Do you have a growth plan? Have you considered hiring an SEO consultant? SEO is a slow burn, but very worthwhile.

If you are keen to produce courses and online business ventures to be sold on your website or other social channels, we suggest Podia.

Here is my affiliate link, if you do buy it, I’ll get a small commission, so we both win:

4) Google My Business audits

Our resident GMB expert David has been showing us some amazing numbers lately. People are using Google My Business more heavily than ever before, to make real purchase decisions.

Yes they are researching businesses etc, but the number of people who simply grab their phone, look up something, then make a purchase decision directly from Google My Business is mind blowing right now….

Check your own data. Go to your GMB app or desktop, and check “Activity” and in particular Calls and Website Visits…. it’s growing for anyone we check in on.

5) Some more website checks for you

Another section of our training module released into our Marketing Inner Circle group this week – some tech checks on your website.

Here are 3 sites we use to give quick, high level feedback on a website: – general checker – gives some general feedback – speed checker – Google loves fast sites – SEO review – helps to get you started with “how can I rank higher on Google” type of thinking.

Okay – that’s it for this week! Stay safe, get busy doing the work, and we’ll talk soon!

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Corey Hinde

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