By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant Tauranga NZ

A few weeks back I was feeling generous and decided to run some free website audits in our Facebook group, Digital Marketing for Rookies.  

I’ve done this a few times before – I’ll find some good, some bad, some ugly, but I’ll always give the website owner a personal message with some honest feedback, some tips, and then cross my fingers and hope they take action.

Some do – some don’t.  That’s the nature of free advice.  

Some reach back to me and ask for my help running their SEO – helping them rank higher on Google – yes, an evil genius plan that yields me clients!!

{If you need help with your SEO – here I am:}

One of the first quick checks I run is a site called Website Grader.

It’s a Hubspot tool, and runs a quick website check giving you a score out of 100 for website performance.

People love it because it’s an easy to understand assessment, and it has a score so people love to see where they stack up. It’ll give you some tasks to do as well, to help improve that score.

Continual improvement – a hallmark of good SEO.

Usually, I’ll see scores of between 30, and 60 with that Website Grader test.

Most of my group members are small business owners, and don’t have amazing websites yet, and haven’t invested money into SEO etc to build the best site possible.

Then, I saw this:

When I first ran this test, I think it might have even been 94/100.

I retested it several times.  I was pretty surprised!

At the bottom of the website, I noticed this footer referring to Nitropack:

Of course, I HAD to know more.

As an SEO consultant, helping websites to load faster, and perform well, is crucial and not easy.  

So I reached out to Eddie, the business owner, and we had a good chat about it.  I couldn’t wait to test it on some of the sites I run.

Eddie runs Strange Dog design, check them out: 

Suffice to say, I was impressed.  One site I manage dropped its load time from 12 seconds to 2 seconds, after about a half hour of work.

Mind = blown!

Essentially, Nitropack is a page speed optimization plugin that works with various website platforms (all the sites I’ve installed it on are WordPress), and its job is to help the site to load faster and more effectively.  

Google LOVES this, and has openly stated that fast loading websites are very important in how they decide who ranks at the top of search.

I am installing this on all client sites that I manage, and I suggest you consider doing the same.

There is a free version, in which case you’ll need to allow the footer image to appear, and there are paid options so you can remove the footer / watermark.

I’m upgrading to the paid version, it’s just a slick piece of software that I will be using for some time.

Key too is that it’s really easy to install. I think anyone who has even edited a blog post will find the installation easy and seamless.

Once again, here is a link for Nitropack

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me HERE:

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SEO Consultant Corey Hinde talking about NitroPack and website speed