ONE simple email that can help your business grow

Over the last few weeks, I’ve alluded to some real truths in the marketing space…

3 of the biggies have been:

  • Word of mouth is probably MORE important than any form of digital marketing.
  • Google My Business is most likely getting you more business than you realise… or could be…
  • Small business owners don’t use email enough, or well, or sometimes at all.

Quick note on the Google My Business point.  

When people say that they found your business on Google – our research now shows that in as many as 80% of cases for small business, they mean Google My Business, not Google Ads or Google Organic search.

So – the solution to ALL of these things, can be as easy as a calendar appointment…

Yep – lock this little puppy in….

“10am Monday – email all clients from 3 weeks ago”

This could be / should be, something you put in as standard operating procedure.

The email will ask a few things:

  • How is that thing going that we sold you? Or that service.. or whatever…. you get the drift… about how THEY are going with the thing they paid you for.
  • Here is a new offer – or thing – or discount. Just something new that you might be able to sell them. This is totally optional, but can be useful.
  • Have you got any feedback for us? If not, we’d love a Google Review……
  • BTW – if you have any friends that might need us, here is a discount code – you’ll get a finders fee too.

The last step is different from business to business, but you see how that helps to drive referral business.

New Zealand business owners in particular, are not great at asking for referrals.  It feels too “forward”, yet we know it can be the MAIN way we get new customers.

The goal is to figure this out for your business, by testing different methods.  Testing is the hallmark of a good marketer. 

Why do I suggest targeting customers from 3 weeks ago? 

It just works… they’ve had time to benefit from your thing, you are still fresh in their minds, and getting referrals seems to work at that time frame.

Most of you, amazingly, will NOT do this.

The few that do, will get results. I hope you are one of the action takers.

That’s all for now…..

Corey Hinde and the team at Good Oil Marketing


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