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10 Point Business Growth Checklist

By Corey Hinde - Director of Business Growth Do the following each week - or adapt and use something similar. If you need to personalize this for your business, consider joining our Business Growth Group HERE Do the following tasks each week. ⭐ Check your Google My...

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Google My Business changes for 2022

Let's talk quickly about the Google My Business changes that are being talked about, which are coming through now in late 2021. The rumors were that it's all 2022 changes, but some of them are flowing through already. As Google has done in the past with Google My...

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How to use LinkedIn for Business Success

A short course exploring if and how LinkedIn might be able to help your business grow - written specifically for New Zealanders.  Background Here is what we know about LinkedIn for Kiwi businesses at the moment: Lots of people are talking about it.Everyone in...

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Updates and Deals Email Strategy

By Corey Hinde | SEO | Digital Marketing It's highly likely you are ignoring email in your business. OR - You are using it, but not very often. Possibly… you are worried that people will unsubscribe or get annoyed. I want to show you, very quickly, a super simple...

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Marketing Bootcamp with Corey Hinde

(Google My Business consultant - ask me more) Keen for a boost for your business? This is a marketing bootcamp - 3 days (or longer if you want) to more online reach for your business. Feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of this article, to list your...

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Blogging for Small Business

Should small businesses bother with blogging as part of their marketing mix? By Corey Hinde - SEO Consultant We say a resounding yes to this, even when time and money is in short supply for marketing activities. Our reason for saying yes... it works.  ...

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