Basic SEO – Our most useful videos for small business owners.

By Corey Hinde | SEO NZ

If you are in small business, getting ranked higher on Google for your category should be a high priority.

We have some useful videos, please work through them and feel free to ask for help in the comments on any of the training videos.

How to create Marketing Content

this video is a MUST.  This will help you create the right content not only for your website, but also your social media and email:

How to improve SEO with a Bullseye phrase

this video will help you understand a very basic SEO principle, to give you every chance at winning higher rankings on Google:

How to do the 12 year old website test

this will help you get clarity around your website, and ensure that visitors to your site know what they need to know:

How to use Google’s free tools to help you rank higher

Google has loads of free helpers – weโ€™ll explain them here:

How to use Keywords on your website so Google can find you

this is really important and something that once you know, youโ€™ll be able to use in a clear and simple way:

How to improve your SEO for beginners

this is some more training that will break down the simple tasks you can do to rank higher on Google:

How to steal your competitors web traffic

okay bit of a headline designed to get attention.. This video talks about one of our standard tasks we do for clients to get more web traffic – the Ultimate Guide idea:

Do you need a hand with your SEO – how to rank higher on Google? Feel free to submit the form on this page:

Lastly…. if you are truly ready to rank higher on Google, and grow your business, you might be ready for our SEO course…

It’s called SEO Unlocked….

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