By Corey Hinde – SEO New Zealand

This week I’ve reviewed a STACK of websites, and some issues keep popping up… so I thought we’d put together a guide here to help you….

REMEMBER – ranking HIGHER on Google generally means more money in YOUR pocket…

1) Stop talking about yourself…. nobody cares….

This is fundamental… and this image explains it….


As you prepare your site, write content, think more deeply about how to turn site visitors into customers… please refer to that image often.

People are basic creatures….. tell them what they get…. what transformation will occur… the main reason why people use your business…. prove it with testimonials from other people just like them……

I’ve reviewed dozens of sites this year, 2022, where I’m simply overwhelmed by how much people talk about themselves, and what they’ve done and not once have they mentioned the main benefit of doing business with them.

2) Have a super clear “call to action”

This is not an SEO issue as such, but something we’ve seen pop up in around 90% of sites we’ve reviewed.

What is the main thing you want people to DO once they arrive on your site?

This action needs to be prominent, obvious, clear, and easy to do. Think about this, enhance it, ask friends, get feedback.

Your site needs to be built with this in mind.

3) Bullseye Phrase and Keywords

Most sites for small business owners, don’t seem to have a strategy around keywords and a bullseye phrase.

The Bullseye phrase is that ONE phrase you’d most like to rank highly on Google for.

Ideally, something your very best ever customers would have used when searching for you.

Keywords for your business are usually related terms to that bullseye phrase.

Step 1 – establish your bullseye phrase and keywords. (hint – watch the SEO video below from our YouTube channel)

After that step, you need to do research and planning around those keywords. We’ll build on this in future editions, for now, be aware that you need to have these words mapped out.

4) Backlinks

Small business owners often haven’t had time, or the skills to generate backlinks. These are other websites, that link to YOUR website.

It’s a very strong indicator to Google, that your site is worth ranking highly in their search engine.

Start out by running this tool, and then think about how you can get more sites linking back to you over time. It’s a slow, but worthwhile process.

Start by running your site through this tool:

5) Ensure your site is on the relevant directories

These websites are important because when you list on them, they are a signal to Google as well, much like a backlink. Well, they are backlinks actually.

Visit this page, ensure your site is listed on the directory sites listed:

6) Check your website speed

This is important. Google doesn’t like slow websites. Google likes clear, simple, FAST websites.

Run your website through this tool, if the results aren’t too flash, talk to your web developer, or consider joining our Inner Circle as we’ll be working on this through October.

7) Improve your Content

Google LOVES top quality content obviously. They want to give people searching for stuff, great results.

Can you IMPROVE any of your existing content with better formatting, being more readable, some more internal links, and even resharing it across social media etc?

Can you produce some new content, that is written with your ideal customers needs in mind?

I’ll be teaching people HOW to do this in our group in October, but if you want to see some SEO masters at work, and how THEY write perfectly for Google, check out “Brian Dean”, and “Robbie Richards”. Just Google them, you’ll find them. They prepare almost perfect content for Google, and have huge businesses because they keep getting free customers from Google.

Hint: watch our YouTube video below, it’s extremely helpful for people who need to create more content that is on point for their ideal customers:

8) Check your website images

Many sites I reviewed had issues with the images on their sites. They need to have titles, and “alt text” to help rank your website as well as possible.

Use this tool to check your site images:


Okay – that’s it for now! Stay safe, get busy doing the work, and we’ll talk soon!

Reach out to ask us anything about anything, we are here for Small Business owners

Corey Hinde

Corey Hinde

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