Not everyone will like this idea

But here it goes…

I think, that if your business is making less than $500K per year, you need to leave social media…

At least for a while.

Hear me out….

(if you just want to watch the video about this topic, here is the video on YouTube

Corey Hinde | SEO Consultant | Marketing Director

The key message is that by spending too much time on Social, you might be attracting the WRONG people to your business, and neglecting OTHER tasks that could have a bigger impact for you.

Some points to consider, that were discussed in the video:

  • Facebook often will find Freebie Seekers. There are better prospects out there.
  • Facebook and Instagram can kill your time management. You head over there for some “marketing”, you end up watching silly videos.
  • Dodge social media for 1 month, and work on your SEO, getting backlinks, and improving the copywriting (sales writing) on your website…. MUCH bigger long term impact for your business.
  • Avoid Facebook, build digital assets instead, like ebooks, blog posts, video content, articles… these can last FOREVER on the internet, building YOUR profile and bringing leads to you.
  • Work on your email instead. Plenty of small business owners have zero email marketing going on. Email is proven to have a better return on investment than social media… how can you avoid that fact?
  • Spend a whole month focussing on getting reviews, and product improvement instead. Big impact.
  • REMEMBER – you are only renting space on Social Media platforms, they control the entire game, not you. Your website and email list are YOURS to keep.

Do yourself a favour and ask what actual impact your time on Social Media is having for your business.

Another consideration – is your business safe and secure when you are using Social Media? We found this useful article discussing Keeping your Home Office Safe and Secure.

Feel free to comment on this blog post with any questions… I’ll answer…


Corey Hinde – Marketing Consultant

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