by Artur Meyster

Technology allows machines to complete tasks that humans had to do before. This new automation revolution will have some effect on employment in the future. Many jobs will change and most of the employees today will have to develop new skills. The burden is even greater for those who want to be a part of the technology industry. Below are some of the top skills for this demographic with some tips on how to start the process.

1. Web Development, Programming, and App Development 

Coding is at the heart of digital services and tech products. Most web development and programming positions require Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, Code Igniter, MySQL, and PHP/JavaScript. A portfolio that demonstrates coding skills will help validate your expertise and knowledge so you can get the job of your dreams. Also having web and mobile development experience gives you an edge over others on the list. Coding is also important for emerging technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. It provides developers of VR and AR with skills that they need to innovate. Sites like are already providing learners with resources to help them gain web development skills.

2. Digital Business Analysis 

This skill helps companies to make proper choices by offering objective and independent mindsets. It also involves applying proven analysis techniques to propose a business case for digital investment. A truly digital economy is expected to hit different organizations and they will need to transform to fit the standard. Digital business analysis will be one of the hottest skills when this happens. Digital business analysts handle digital transformation projects as they help organizations in developing digital ecosystems that can drive business growth and digital transformation.

3. Data Visualization and Digital Design 

Digital services, data, and digital design share a common idea: a user interface. Tech companies will require designers with experience in building dynamic and effective user experiences. Also, designers can visualize critical data and use it to make vital business decisions on behalf of the management. Data visualization is a skill, and it is useful for gaining valuable insights from data. Most senior leaders need this skill, and some tools help designers to visualize and analyze data. 

4. Digital Project Management 

Project management skills have been useful for some time now. It is not only a vital skill required by tech companies. It is also an important part of creating digital products as well as services. It ensures that both are done cost-effectively and in good time. A potential employee with digital project management skills who also understands different methodologies from AGILE to SCRUM will stand out among other applicants. These managers must have a complete understanding of the processes digital projects follow, from the ideation stage to the prototype and finally to a fully built digital service or project.

5. Digital Product Management 

This skill is not particularly unique to the development of software. However, it is a valuable skill. Software services always need a lifecycle management plan. Like the digital project manager, this skill requires the manager to know the processes from the first idea to creation. The continuous growth of SAAS (software as a service) is set to make product management integral to the tech industry now and in the future.

6. Data Analytics and Data Science 

Organizations usually gather large amounts of data and will always need a big data analysis team to make sense of it. Employers all over the globe are searching for such analysts and this is why the demand for them is rising. Data science is an outstanding career path for professionals who wish to stand out in a digital world. So far, the demand for skilled people like this outweighs the supply and this makes data scientists extremely employable. According to a report from McKinsey, the United States faces a shortage of about 140,000 to 190,000 individuals with analytical expertise. Also, there are 1.5 million managers who have the skills to make decisions from big data analysis. Presently, data science is part of the minimum requirement for manager level jobs. This is a good time to learn data science to position yourself firmly ahead of the curve.


The tech industry is expected to boom in the future and experts predict that it will change how we work. Automation may cost some people jobs, but machines cannot handle more complex tasks. To stand out in a digitized world, you must prepare. Add more skills to give you an edge in a technological future. Some people are already searching for ways to break into the industry using information from

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