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Businesses are starting to get moving again post COVID –  things are sort of getting back to normal.

However, something is going wrong out there in the business world (well, it is here in New Zealand anyway).

Very wrong.

We are calling it the Slow Comms or No Comms revolution.

It’s not good… let us explain….

The short version is this:

If you are not replying to inbound messages to your business, you might as well hand leads and sales straight to your opposition.

Because that’s what happens when you don’t respond quickly enough to the likes of:

Emails / Facebook Messages / Facebook Comments / LinkedIn Messages / Google Business Profile messages or questions / Instagram messages….

The list goes on.

In the old days… we just had to answer the phone.

It’s 2022 – things have changed – a LOT.

Yes – we are short staffed.

Yes – we aren’t USED to Google messages and various social media platform messages.

Guess what happened with COVID….

We fast tracked out technological evolution – it’s time to catch up!

The harsh reality is that if you cannot get on top of communications, responses, emails, messages etc, you are quite simply losing business.  

People do not wait anymore for you to ‘get back’ to them, they simply go elsewhere!

We want what we want, and we want it now…. So you have to get better in your business, or get left behind.

Here are some thoughts and ideas on how you can get better and start winning again in the online communication stakes:


Step 1 – know where your customers are, and how they prefer to communicate.

They like email but you don’t check email more than once per day?

They like Facebook comments as a way to find out more about your business, but you don’t have someone on Facebook as part of their job?

You are getting Google Maps messages but only finding out about it the day after they sent the message?

These are all serious buyers, serious customers, and these messages are no different to a phone call.

Once you know where your customers are and how they like to reach out to your business, review that communication channel, and ensure you are faster, and better.

Step 2 – consider a message aggregator service such as TryShift.

TryShift is essentially a platform that pulls all of your various messaging channels onto one platform so you become more streamlined, faster, and don’t miss anything.

There are various platforms like this, I only mention TryShift because I’m trialling it myself soon as the reviews are looking very good.

You can also use the likes of Zapier to improve automations and connections in your business, so that when something happens, you are aware of it, and can respond much faster.

Step 3 – ensure you are on the big 4. 

The phone is obviously still a huge part of inbound communication.  The other 3 that I think are essential at the moment are Facebook, Google Business Profile, and Email.

Depending on your business, this will change but ensure you are on those.

Step 4 – set up expectations and standard operating procedures.

Once you are aware of how you should be doing things, document it, train staff, measure response times and business outcomes.  

There really is no point doing any marketing of any form if you can’t handle inbound messages well, so take this step very seriously.

Feel free to reach out – I’d love to see you improve in this area and help your business grow more easily!

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