Annoying? Useful?

How about the best open rates of anything in existence?

Let’s talk about it a bit.

Let’s be honest….. it’s extremely tempting to click on that SMS notification on your home screen just to tidy up your phone right?


Let’s be real – we all use SMS when we REALLY want to be sure someone gets our message.

98% open rate anyone? Yep, pretty much every SMS gets opened.

Email has a huge variance – Facebook Messenger has a high rate but not as high as SMS – texting is simply the highest open rates of anything around.

Why and How to use SMS?

Let’s be clear here. SMS will get opened, and some people will be annoyed by it; so be sparing, be smart, and don’t over do it.

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

  • Fast
  • Highest open rate of any marketing activity
  • High buyer intent – if someone has given you there phone number, they aren’t a total tyre kicker.

Cons of SMS Marketing:

  • Some tech set up – but not much
  • People can get annoyed
  • Have to be very strategic and what you send

Some small business owners use what I call Level 1 SMS marketing.

That is… they just use their personal mobile phone for lots of communications, follow ups, they essentially run their whole business from their phone.

Not a bad idea… nothing gets lost, there is no spam folder, you KNOW that the message is getting through.

I’ve seen tradesman book jobs, follow up leads, and run an entire job via SMS!

Level 2 SMS marketing though involves software, and automation.

This is similar to using email marketing.

You have a list, you have a tool that you use, you send stuff out, and you track the results.

I think a LOT of business owners should investigate using SMS automation as part of their marketing mix. With open rates as high as 98%, how can you ignore this potential opportunity for business growth?

Here are some ideas that you can roll out with SMS marketing:

  • Coupons – a gap in sales, some surplus stock?
  • Sales – a flash sale announcement.
  • New Product announcements.
  • Updates and notices about the business… eg change to opening hours, an event etc
  • Appointment reminders – my physiotherapist uses this. It’s helped their appointment “show up” rate, increase significantly. That equals more business revenue.
  • Seeking client feedback.

That last point is worth sitting on…. how many of you are seeking feedback from every client? Google reviews etc….

By the way, we mentioned a week ago that we were going to review a new locally made Review system… I strongly advise you to look at this, if you get more good reviews in business, you win, the end:

(affililate link – if you buy that product, I’ll get a small percentage. I really like the product, and entirely trust the local Kiwi business that developed it)

Now – this next part of the article is where I kinda say… do your own homework, make your own mind up, BUT, feel free to email me for my personal opinion…

What to USE for SMS marketing?

There are, literally, dozens of platforms that are available for SMS marketing.

Keep in mind, these ones are just a fraction of what is out there, so please DO your homework, but remember, this COULD be a great marketing weapon for you, so do the thinking.


  • Cost per send.
  • Make sure you have permission to send. Much like email marketing, you can’t just send stuff out to people without permission.
  • Availability across all phone networks, and in your area.
  • Ease of use.
  • Set up.

Some of these products will be easy to use, some will be harder. As mentioned above, do your homework. Here are some suitable options I’ve found:

Optinmonster. Lots of marketing solutions, including SMS.

Sendinblue. Similar to above, loads of cool tools, including SMS.

Active Campaign. Another overall tool, including SMS.

EZ Texting – SMS and MMS marketing tool, well worth looking at.

Burst SMS – Kiwi based SMS marketing tool, I HIGHLY recommend you look at this one.

Twilio – very cool, widely used, and fun. More than just SMS.

TextMagic – SMS, super fast to set up, and easy to use.

Simple Texting – SMS only, easy to use.

Really, the goal of this article is to help raise your awareness of SMS marketing as an option for your business, and to get you thinking about next steps, and what to use.

I’m more than happy to help you think it through. Just comment below or send us an email.


Corey Hinde – Marketing Consultant

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