How to grow a BILLION dollar business with ZERO marketing spend

Tesla and Elon Musk – you will have heard of them unless you live here:

Let’s assume that you have heard of the amazing Tesla vehicle and company, and you’ve also heard or seen this guy around too:

Elon Musk, quite the business brain and will probably be remembered as one of the most impactful business people of our generation.

With good reason.  Tesla seems to have built a BILLION dollar business with no advertising spend.  

This is quite unheard of – take a look at this graph from a few years back:

Unheard of – and totally amazing.

Tesla is an exciting, innovative company that people talk about.  Elon Musk is an influential leader that the media loves.

Much like Richard Branson, he gets LOADS of free attention, that drives organic media, conversations, and product awareness.

This strips out a lot of expense – earned media mentions, and other people promoting your brand for you, are something that marketers aspire to achieve.

Check out Elons Twitter account:

38 Million followers – that’s a lot of people digesting his content – for free.

The Tesla Twitter account also – its impressive and certainly shows off this amazing product in a compelling way:

What are the lessons here?

Firstly – while there is no traditional advertising spend, I’d argue that the marketing effort and time required to build the reputation of the company, and its leader, are not FREE as such.  

There is most certainly a very well designed marketing engine at play here.  

Elon Musk has a reputation on planet Earth that is hard to match.  That’s taken decades to build.  His story of success is well documented.  His successes AND failures are easily found on line.  It all feeds into awareness.  

How can YOU build awareness of YOU and your brand?

Secondly – the product is quite amazing.  The struggle to get it to that point has been well documented, and generally speaking people want Tesla to succeed.

How can you show, demonstrate, and prove that you are trying to become the best on the planet?

Creating something world class, should be your obsession if you want to be like Tesla.

So good, that people simply cannot help talking about it.  

Really – that’s the game here.  It’s part “best thing ever”, part “rockstar leader”, but I’d argue is more about the “best thing ever”.

I read a book once called “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”, by Cal Newport.  Worth reading.  Tesla and Elon have taken that idea on, and gone to the next level.

Be the best, then get the media coming to you, and other people talking about your thing. 

Hope this helps you in your business journey!

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Corey Hinde

ps – get into SEO, it’s the gift that keeps on giving: