(warning – you might not agree with all 7 of these actions)

Tell me if this is YOU…

You are in business for yourself.

You want to grow your business.

You’ve tried all the marketing stuff, and you are annoyed, or confused, or not sure what actually works.

You are getting bombarded with gurus trying to take thousands from you each month to EXPLODE your business (well that’s what they claim anyway).

Your time is precious, and so is your budget, you can’t afford to waste either of them!


By now, you have been exposed to the all the stuff you need to know.  You need to devise a smart plan now, and do the stuff, consistently, to bring in more perfect customers to your business..

This article is called the SEXY 7 – these are the 7 areas we think most small businesses should focus on, and then over time, figure out which areas work best for YOUR business, and then double down on those areas.

BEFORE YOU START – you must consider these 3 points:

  1. Who is your perfect customer?  
  2. What is the main benefit they will receive from your business?
  3. Where are these people (physically and online) ?

Keep these points in mind at all times – Who, What, Where… it should drive all of your marketing activity.

Right – onto the sexy 7:

You simply MUST have a website for your business.  I think you know that.



1 – Website

It’s the hub of all activity, it’s where your other activities should drive traffic to, and it should be built professionally.

Not having a website is a mistake.  If people can’t find you, they can’t do business with you.  Don’t rely on a Facebook page for example, you don’t own that, Facebook owns that.

With your website, ensure that it’s built with the 3 considerations above – most of all ensure that WHO your client is, and WHAT benefit they get, is perfectly clear.

Some key points for your website:

  • Ensure that it’s fast.  Check your website speed often.
  • Make sure you have some way of capturing peoples data… an email opt in, Google Analytics attached to the site, your Facebook pixel added to the site code.  
  • Ensure that it’s really obvious what people need to do once they find your site.. Call you?  Can they find that button and phone details?
  • Put testimonials and social proof on your website, people want to be confident that your business can do what it claims to be able to do.

There is SO MUCH more we could say about websites.  There is a raft of technical considerations, design considerations, etc etc…

SUMMARY:  the main point really is this – use a professional to build it, make sure it’s easy to navigate, make sure it’s fast, and make sure the main benefit of your business is clearly communicated.



2 – Google My Business

If you are not using GMB, you are missing out on the best free resource currently available on the internet, in our humble opinion.

This is a GMB listing:

You’ve hopefully got this in play for your business already.

If you don’t, go to www.google.com/business right now and start.

You’ll see a big green button that says START NOW – get into it.  It takes a few weeks to get the listing verified and live. Do not delay.

It’s not a hard process, Google walks you through the process very well.

OFFER OF FREE HELP – if you need any help in this process, feel free to join our free Facebook Group, and ask any questions in that group.  We’ll help, that link is HERE

Once you have that listing working for you, at the very bare minimum we’ll recommend you use the ADD POST feature at least once per week.

This will allow you to write mini blog posts, using your keywords that people will use when looking for businesses like yours.  This will help your business rank higher on Google, which is a great boost to any business.

The best part about using the ADD POST feature is that every week, you’ll get an email from Google reminding you to write another one!  It makes life easy; some marketing automation.

The other 2 key things you should aim to do with your GMB listing are 1) Get reviews for your business, and 2) Add photos to your listing.

These both help rank your site on Google and also tell more of a story around your business.

In fact, we are so passionate about GMB right now that it’s probably our MOST RECOMMENDED action to take in small business right now.  The results, from very little effort, are simply amazing!

UPDATE – for MORE information on Google My Business, see our other extensive blog post HERE

Again, feel free to join our Facebook group and ask us questions about this.



3 – Facebook Page

We’ve written a whole article about this, HERE.  Please check that out.  

You should still be spending time on Facebook daily, because your customers are probably on there 1-3 hours every day.

You’d be mad not to do some marketing on Facebook.

Key points right now that we find ourselves advising about:

  • Don’t sell on Facebook – use it to engage, talk, describe, entertain, network.
  • Log into your page daily, and check the notifications on your page. These used to come through to your personal Facebook account, but in most cases this has changed.  We’ve seen clients miss very important notifications on their page, and lose out in a variety of ways.
  • Use video where possible.
  • Do NOT link out from Facebook to YouTube or competing sites.  You won’t get results, Facebook likes native content.

Be natural and engaging on Facebook.  

Consider using paid ads on Facebook too.  Best left to the professionals, but can take a business from zero to hero very quickly.



4 – Paid Google Ads

Originally this article was going to be things you can do for free, so why is this here?

Because, if done well, you can be making a profit so quickly from a professional Google Ads campaign, that it’s actually better than free!

Google Ads in New Zealand though are weird…


We have a problem, that’s in our DNA… we like to do things ourselves.  We like to tinker, and figure it out.

What this does with Google Ads is very quickly “prove” to self starters, that Google Ads in fact DO NOT WORK.

Google Ads are a difficult beast.  Getting it right takes a lot of research, skill, data analysis, and some time.  

BUT – within 2 months, almost any business can be winning very quickly with Google Ads, usually must faster than that, but you really can’t do it yourself.

Do NOT take the Google Ad Express option – its very tempting because you get this inviting email from Google with some free credit…. We have only ever seen business owners LOSE taking this option.

Talk to Google Ads professionals, our team, HERE

5 – Directory Listings

What is this?

Think – Yelp, Yellow, Fyple, Launch List.

Directories are usually free or low cost, and can get you some customers…

The REAL WIN though is what they do to your Google Rankings.

Google LOVES backlinks (when a site links to your site), and when they are big, authority sites like Yellow or Neighbourly etc, they love it even more.

Getting your business listed on directories is a must do.

Here are a few of the directories we recommend for NZ based business:

Google My Business as mentioned above.

Yellow pages online.








6 – Linkedin.

Linkedin is growing, and people are using it more than ever before.

We believe that you can’t afford NOT to be on Linkedin.  

There are a variety of ideas around about best practice – we would recommend as a starting point to simply build your profile, complete your details thoroughly, and start connecting with people.

When people Google your name, your Linkedin profile usually comes up very high on page 1 of the search results.  This shows that having some Linkedin presence is useful.

We know that in many B2B businesses, Linkedin is already their number one source of new leads.

Get on there, look at what people are doing, comment on the posts and contribute, and see if you can position yourself as an expert in your field.

We predict that Linkedin will continue to grow this year, and even accelerate in growth, as some people move on from other social media networks.

PS – we have a complete guide to building your LinkedIn profile… it’s available for free inside our Facebook Group HERE



7 – Network your butt off

Sorry, couldn’t think of a better way to say it!

Even in our business, digital marketing, we find that good old fashioned networking, is still very effective.

People do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Are all of your friends entirely aware of your business and what it does?

Do you have business cards with you at all times ready to hand out?

Are you attending networking events?  Some are useful, some are not, but you just never know where that next customer will come from.

We know from our consultations, that for some industries, the after work drinks or networking breakfast meetings, can be the number one source of leads in some cases!

Talk to more people, reach out to friends, ask people to help promote you!  Your friends DO want you to succeed in business!