Earlier, only television advertisements were helpful for the marketing for business.

Nowadays, the trend in marketing is making a shift.

Over the past few years, video content has taken different shapes, from short ads to vlogs, reels, stories, and live videos.

These social media elements are some market strategies that are helpful in the present scenario. With the help of marketing research, it is found that after watching a video, consumers are satisfied and ready to buy the product.

Friendly Marketing

You must have observed that while you are viewing any company’s profile.

A popping sound comes up with the message “How can I help you,” and a chatbox pops up to ask your query.

This is friendly or conversational marketing, where the client is comfortable and can ask as many questions regarding the product.

It is observed that the audience wants an instant response to their query. Friendly marketing helps a product increase consumer loyalty and easily collect information from the audience.

Influencer Marketing

The word ‘influencer’ itself describes when an individual influences an audience. This could be a small audience in hundreds or a big audience in millions.

This is a top trend in marketing for business. Just as celebrity endorsement, influencers are used for brand marketing.

An influencer is already connected with the audience.

They have to showcase the brand by using it in their live video and can make reels, a vlog.

An influencer has a huge fan following which is helpful to a brand while they give their reviews for a product. An influencer’s recommendation for a brand, or a product, helps the company with its customer acquisition.

Shoppable Videos

The brand owner advises influencers to post a video after using their product.

That post can be a live video or a reel, where influencers will be using that product and reviewing it simultaneously.

They also tag that product on their stories so that the audience can easily reach out to the product. This tagging helps a lot to grow the business through shoppable videos.

Precise Videos

People are busy with their family, work, and hobbies. Audiences don’t get that much time for viewing lengthy videos.

One should always create a  precise, relatable, and engaging video.

The foremost part is planning for any business strategy.

Plan smoothly about your topic, points to be covered, targeted audience, timing, social media platform, etc.

Once these things are set, you are all set to captivate your audience.

Making generic videos won’t work because that won’t help the potential client connect with you. If you think about it, what are the chances you’d buy a product marketed with lengthy, dry, and generic videos?

Instead, try making crisp videos. Make them short and personal so that they can leave an impact. For this, you need to be very clear about your target audience.

Try to convince them by telling some inspiring stories interconnected with your video content. While ending up leaving some suspense, the audience should wait for your next video to come.

Transformational Marketing

Marketing trends are shifting day by day. Foremost, print media was helpful for marketing.

As of now, social media platforms are of great help for marketing. You can create engaging video content for your brand by keeping some points in mind.

Editing is the crucial part of video content, and you have to take care of the trimming section while using online video trimmer to make it more polished. Which part of the video is essential and useful that only should be kept. 

Various editing/trimming tools are present in the form of mobile apps. With the help of your smartphone too, you can easily edit your video content for marketing.  

E-Commerce Marketing

Presently, e-commerce is uplifting as people are well aware of online purchasing.

There has been a noticeable shift towards online shopping because consumers are not afraid of getting something different from the photo. They have faith in the brand, as visualisation of the product is easy and effective. The product’s reliability is another driving factor for the rise of e-commerce marketing.

E-commerce offers varied options in terms of payment. They include cash on delivery and credit and debit cards. Consumers are more interested in COD as it lets you first see the product with your naked eye. E-commerce has made our life easy. We don’t have to go out in a crowd at the risk of our life. At the time of the pandemic, e-commerce had made our life comfortable.

Learn more about how to optimize e-commerce businesses with this video HERE

Artificial Intelligence

Tasks where human intelligence is required, but the machine or computer overtakes it. Artificial intelligence has driven personalization, making it one of the topmost trending video marketing.

For example, we have music apps like Spotify and saavn, which are personalised so that only your favourite playlist, favourite genre, favourite singer, and favourite language songs will play.

One of the finest examples of artificial intelligence is Alexa, where your voice instructs it. Alexa obeys your instruction and plays your personalised list.

AR and VR Marketing

Owing to the pandemic, the growth of AR and VR has been accelerated. To have an effective virtual experience, brands use this technology for their consumers.

Many retail stores are offering this facility to try once before purchasing. So, you can also implement this technology in your video marketing.

Live Videos

Live streaming became one of the popular trends during the pandemic. It took the acceleration, as it is easy to stay connected to your targeted audience from the comfort of your place.

Live streaming is one of the essential and effective ways to stay connected and contribute to video marketing.

Many local brands, music artists, and actors used to stream live through their social media accounts to engage with their audience.

Live streaming expert NZ – HERE.

The popularity of vertical videos

While commonly, most people would make their videos in landscape mode, that is slowly shifting to vertical alignment.

This is mostly because most video marketing is done today via videos shot on mobile phones.

You take your selfies, shoot, text, or stream in the vertical position. This familiarity is a major reason why vertical videos are quickly gaining popularity. 

For example, learn how to make YouTube Shorts in this video HERE

Final Thoughts

Video marketing can’t work overnight.

You have to be patient and persistent. We need to implement the right plan and wait for the right time. You have to stick to your business strategy.

If you keep changing your plans and strategy, this won’t work. All your efforts and hard work would be useless. 

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